Waxing's Best For Toe Hair

I hate to admit this, but I have some superfluous hair growing abundantly on my toes and a few straggly ones at the centre of my feet. I usually use a hair removing cream or a razor to get rid of that obnoxious fuzz. But those puny hairs have the audacity to pop up immediately in a few days time.

Now, I’ve always been waxing my legs and I have noticed that it takes a fairly long time for the hair to grow back and the regrowth is finer and sparser. I’ve found a really good aesthetician who does her job very well. So I thought why not try waxing on toe hairs. But at that point of time the hairs on the toes were considerably short and stubby and waxing needed hair to grow to a certain length.

I then stopped shaving or using depilatories and let this hair grow. And for full two months, I didn’t venture to trim them off. They sprouted with all vigor and strength. Open-toed sandals were a strict no-no and I used to wear closed footwear to hide them. It was really embarrassing at times when I had to compulsorily remove my footwear and reveal my hairy feet, but that didn’t coerce me into shaving off those nasties. So after two months had elapsed, I went ahead with waxing. Using waxing strips, my beautician yanked them off from each of my toes. Sure, it hurt like hell; the pain level was much higher than what I usually experienced while waxing my legs. But the hair was completely gone and I was left with a pretty pair of dainty feet devoid of any fuzz.

hairy toes open toed flip-flops
Do not wear open-toed footwear when you have hairy toes.      

Now it’s more than a month and there isn’t the slightest trace of any stubble appearing on my tootsies. My toes are literally smooth and hair-free. For sure, waxing works exceedingly well on toe hairs and I highly recommend it.

Update (Apr 12, 2012): My feet are almost hair-free even after so many days.  Just one or two hairs have sprouted but they are not at all prominent and seem finer and lighter.

(Guest Post by Smitha)

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  1. Dharani3:51 PM

    Don't ont shave - wax or depilate. When u wax first tone your hair will not grow up tp two weeks and then they will grow weak and at random. So first u wax, then u depilate. I shave my legs on very rare occasion when i need to do it immediately nd have no time. I dont need to depilate often - even if the hair grows it is very soft, rare and light colour, so it is hardly noticeable


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