Skin on the nose is rough - What to do?

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Sanjana asks:
My 12 year old daughter’s nose is very rough to touch. How can it be made smooth and normal? Is there are a home remedy or medicine that can be applied? 

nose is rough to touch

It seems as if the skin pores on your daughter’s nose have become blocked by blackheads.

Steam the affected area for 3 minutes; for this gently hold her face to steam emanating from boiled water kept in a vessel or a face-steamer. You may even add Tulsi leaves to the vessel, if you wish. But don't oversteam or let her hold her face too close to the vessel.

Then cleanse her nose with deep pore cleansing milk  and gently wipe off the grime from her nose with clean cotton ball.  Don't ever use any blackhead extractor or any thing of that sort; her skin is too tender for that.

Now  wipe some skin toner on her nose with another  piece of cotton wool. (You may use this Home-made cleansing milk and toner mentioned in the post.)

At night, massage the nose with a moisturizer. Place your fingertips at the base of the nose. Then stroke and slide your fingers towards the temples. Repeat 5 times.

The second step is to put your thumb and forefinger at the base of the nose and then to massage with a circular movement. Then move up to the bridge of the nose and repeat the massage.

While massaging, take care not to put any pressure on the bony part of the nose. The strokes should be light and smooth. Leave it for 30 minutes or so, then gently wipe it off with cotton wool dipped in water.

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  1. Those are good tips, I might actually do that to myself :)

  2. Snehal9:18 AM

    get baby lotion on it.

  3. Gargi9:20 AM

    scrub your nose regularly n then apply moisterizer

  4. Poovi9:20 AM

    use an exfoliator..or a nose peel-off masks..
    it may be due to heavy build up of black heads..

  5. Urmila9:21 AM

    You can use a facial moisturizing lotion with aloe in it. You can put pure 100% aloe lotion on just the rough spots. You can use Eucerin a moisturizing lotion. Or, you can use a moisturizer that does not clog pores for your face. Also, try washing with a moisturizing soap that contains aloe or oatmeal.

  6. ankita9:23 AM

    use biore pore strips on your nose
    they work wonders

  7. Bhavana9:24 AM

    ust use a wash clothe and exfoliate. Exfoliating will open your pores and help clean them out. You can also use face scrubs like the Neutrogena pink grapefruit scrub.

  8. Anonymous4:53 AM

    hi , im 20, have a sensitive skin , im having tiny blackhEADs on my chin as well as cheeks :(, i steamed my face n tried to extract a few , it left marks on my face , can u plzzzzzz suggest something ??

  9. Anonymous4:55 AM

    oops i thought my previous comment isn't posted ...anyways i would like u to suggest something for my blackheads, im havin tiny ones on my chin n cheeks n while trying to extract them it left marks on my face , i live in UAE , extreme hot temperature sucks away the moisture , im having bad pimples too :(

  10. @Anonymous comments #8, 9: Do not try to extract your blackheads all by yourself since you are not doing it properly. visit a beauty salon and have it done. Other remedies for blackheads are suggested in this post or this aspirin mask or this cucumber mask


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