Camera Ready Valentine's Day DIY Makeup Tips

Do you want to rock a fantastic new look for this year's Valentine's Day? Professional makeup is cost prohibitive and far less convenient than you doing it yourself at home, but if you aren't sure exactly which direction to head toward, never fear.

Eyes will pop as you burst onto the scene as the new you, lights flashing all around because you are so very ready for the camera!

Here are five DIY makeup tips that will increase your impact this Valentine's Day


Focus on those apples! You don't want to overdo it and look like a sunburn victim, but you do want to enhance the natural beauty of your face. Bring out the roses in your cheeks with a glow boosting blush that will have you looking flushed and beaming.

You can also use pink or red tone on your cheeks, followed on top by an identical color in powder. For mood enhancement, shop for blush that contains plant extracts that provide the same effect as endorphins, giving you a natural, pleasant rush!

Love those lips! 

Red is the color for Valentine's Day (and for lovers!) so let 'er rip on your lips. Or choose hot pink, lining your lips with a pencil, following up with the same color in lipstick, and then a final application of shimmery sparkle lip gloss over your whole lips. You'll knock 'em dead with your sexy pout and killer crimson sheen.

Luscious lashes! 

You don't have to worry about the fuss and muss of applying false eyelashes if you use mascara (check out L'Oreal for a few varieties that will extend your lashes while it nourishes them, strengthening and protecting at the same time).

Apply some shimmery eye shadow to your lids, then lengthen your lash line with a pencil.

Locks of love! 

Pump up the volume! Of your hair, that is. Your luscious mane will grow even more luxurious if you utilize a product that will offer your hair hold, body that lasts, and a shimmery and enticing shine.

A volumizing hair spray will give your hair that extra oomph you need to make it through Valentine's Day!

Love is in the air!  

That may be, but so is your perfume! You can't leave the house yet until you've chosen the perfect (and most romantic) aroma to complement your frisky new look. Do you want to leave a musky trail in your wake?

Or are you feeling more floral, perhaps considering dousing yourself in jasmine or lilac? Or do you want to leave a lingering aroma of something sweet or sultry, like vanilla or rose?

Add your sexy new fragrance to your pulse points - that is, on both wrists, your inner elbows, your cleavage, and behind your ears.

After you check out the top  DSLR cameras, you'll know exactly how good you can look once those babies get fired up! Get ready to prowl the catwalk sporting your new look that will turn heads wherever you go this Valentine's Day!

(Guest Post by Carol Montrose)

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