Best Beauty Gifts for Valentine's Day

Confused about what to get that fancy lady in your life for Valentine's Day this year? Why not consider the wonderful array of beauty products at your disposal? Most women love a good pamper, and nothing says, "Because I think you're beautiful!" like receiving beauty gifts.

Here are five suggestions for cosmetic and perfume presents that are just right for this Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Gift

Focus on her fingernails

A shimmery shade of nail polish may be just the thing for your lucky lady this year. Consider the various shades and hues that you can indulge in; you may even want to mix it up so she has options for every day of the week!

What are her favorite colors? What are colors you know she avoids? You'll need to be thoughtful when you make your final selection. After all, you want whatever shade of nail polish you select to be the one that will make her swoon. She'll want to hold your hand all night long just to show off her new nails!

Sweet scents. 

What woman doesn't want to linger with the seductive scent of a new perfume? Check out the perfume collection she already owns. Does she like musky or floral?

Remember that cheaper perfume doesn't last as long - this is one area where you'll want to spend a little cash. You can also consider the more exotic selections, with tantalizing titles like "Tuscan Blood Orange" or "Hawaiian Ruby Guava."

See if you can't buy her an entire set!

Makeup essentials. 

Whether you're buying this for your special lady or to give to one of your girlfriends, a makeup kit with all the essentials - a variety of eye shadow colors, blush, lipstick, eyeliner, and finishing powder - is sure to help her make a splash.

Such a wonderful alternative to suggesting rhinoplasty as a way to enhance her beauty! Choose the makeup, complete in a rainbow of colors that you think will complement her beauty, and avoid getting a slap in the face!

Bath essentials. 

Help her relax and revitalize with a collection of essential bath time goodies. Consider including bubble bath, body wash, body butter, and an aromatic spray fragrance. Vanilla is a soothing scent that will lull her into a relaxing near doze as she reclines in her bath.

Hair care. 

Provide her the chance to make her mane luxurious and glossy by including shampoo, conditioner, and a new hairbrush and matching comb in her gift basket! Toss in a bottle of designer hairspray to round out the combo. If you can make it travel size, so much the better. She'll look fabulous wherever she goes!

This Valentine's Day, prove to her how wonderful and thoughtful you can be. Don't forget the fancy dinner (or serve dinner at home ... by candlelight!), the box of chocolates, and the cutesy stuffed bear she'll keep for a long, long time.

Try to make this year the most special yet! Once you present her with the variety of beauty gifts you shopped for, she'll be yours forever!

(Guest Post by Carol Montrose)

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