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S asks:
I have a good figure and like to wear low saris (below the navel). How can I ensure that my navel looks clean and shapely? If I clean it with a towel, it hurts a lot.

Rani wearing sari below the navel

Dhanya replies:
Navel accumulates dirt and light fibres from the clothes we wear. Then, this gets crusted as it is not regularly cleaned. Just apply some baby oil (like this one) at night and the next morning clean it with cotton wool while having a bath.

Don’t force any movement and do not push the cleaning wool deep inside. You may even try using q-tips to gently dislodge the dirt but don’t push it deep inside. Also do not use your fingernails to scrape off the crusty material. Once the accumulated dirt is gone, just make a habit of dabbing it clean with a soft towel while taking a bath. Ensure that your navel is scrupulously clean and dry after a shower of bath as you do not want water and soap residue to build up inside.

If all these days you have been paying scant attention to the hygiene of your navel, in all probability it is not only dirty but smelly too. This odour is generally emitted due to the bacteria that flourish in the warm moist environment of your navel. Just dab some neosporin (buy from here) on that area for a few days to kill the bacteria and get rid of that infection that seems to hurt you when you handle your belly-button. This also will do away with the foul odour. Alternatively you can try using Navel Fresh Spray. According to the website,  it is an amazing daily treatment made to refresh and restore the navel. It claims to beautify the navel without irritation and leave you smelling divinely fresh.  But on the flip-side, it costs a whooping $20. So if you are willing to shell that much amount, buy it and use it by all means. Also I would like to add that it is better if you avoid putting talcum powder in your navel area or elsewhere not just because it adds up to accumulation of dirt but also because it has certain health risks
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