19 Year Old Girl Worried About Lines On Her Neck

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Siri asks:
My neck is slender and long, but I have developed 3 lines on it, at equal distance from one another. I am in the habit of using a high pillow. I feel uncomfortable if I don’t use a pillow. I am only 19 years old.

girl with neck wrinkles

Smitha replies:

The neck is the most neglected part of the body. Most women pamper their faces alone, leaving the necks starved of basic nourishment. Too much accumulation of fat followed by a crash diet, also leaves the skin stretched and loose. To keep the skin firm and free from premature lines, daily neck exercises are essential. You should also moisturize and massage the neck daily with a rich nourishing cream (such as this) at night. Also don’t forget to slather a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a  SPF rating of 35 or more all over your neck. Reapply if you have to stay in the sun for long hours. This will prevent premature aging of your neck and delay the appearance of fine lines. You can find more information in the post Caring for your neck and some awesome neck exercises.

A good posture also plays an important role in making a neck look wrinkle-free and slender. Keep your head up and shoulder back. The use of high pillows stuffed with synthetic material causes double chin and lines on the neck, because a raised neck does not allow the body to lie in a straight line. Sometimes it can also lead to a stiff neck or a sore neck. It’s best to use a moderately low pillow which is neither too hard nor too soft. You might find it a little hard in the beginning but once you get used to it, you will find it comfortable. While some advocate sleeping without a pillow, still others maintain that a pillow is a must. I personally find using a low pillow more comfortable. Your comfort level and that which provides the maximum health and beauty benefits should be your criteria while choosing a pillow. Do read these four articles for more info.

For already existing lines, talk to a dermatologist who will probably prescribe a suitable topical cream with Retin-A. Alternatively, he/she might also suggest microdermabrasion. But since you are still young, I feel you are better off without such treatments. Reserve all that for your late thirties.

Do not be overtly conscious about a few lines on your neck. In a nutshell, my advice to you would be to -
  • eat nutritious food
  • do neck exercises
  • maintain a proper posture,
  • do not  take recourse to crash dieting
  • use sunscreen regularly
  • moisturize your neck lavishly
  • sleep on the right type of pillow
  • pamper your neck occasionally with this 7th homemade neck pack mentioned in this particular post.
All this should certainly help!

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  1. Manya3:30 PM

    Try and keep your head in a straight angle instead of looking down. Do some neck exercises like stretching it by moving your head upwards and sideways.

  2. Sapna3:30 PM

    Whenever you apply any cream or lotion on your neck, it should be in the upward direction towards your face, don’t pull your skin downwards.

  3. Ratna3:31 PM

    Always moisturise the neck too along with your face. This will prevent the skin from drying and ageing too quickly.

  4. Dr Kailas3:56 PM

    Try Neck Tightening Exercise

    The tongue press exercise can be performed while either seated or standing
    Kiss the Sky exercise.Pucker your lips in a kissing motion and extend them outward as if you were trying to touch them to the ceiling. Hold this position for several seconds and then relax and tilt your head forward to the starting position


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