How to Look Your Best on the Most Romantic Day of the Year (VDAY)

Ah, February 14th ... a day that many single women look forward to about as much as they do the day that taxes are due.

If you're one of the many single masses, or even if you have a steady, you will still want to look your hottest this Valentine's Day. Who knows ... love could be right around the corner!

Here are a few grooming and makeup tips that will help you rock a sexy new look this V Day.


Kiss my face! 

Bring out your inner goddess with a hint of blush to enhance you natural beauty. Your aim will be to bring out the roses in your cheeks by using a pink or red tone on the apples of your cheeks that will boost your blush.

Follow this step with an identical color of powder. Did your mother ever tell you just to pinch your cheeks in case of emergency? Yeah, don't do that. Stick with the blush and powder brush.

Luscious lips! 

Red is certainly the theme for Valentine's Day, so don't be afraid to go wild! If red isn't your bag, choose a hot pink color. Line your lips with a pencil, choose the same color in lipstick, and finally apply a sparkly lip gloss over both your lips. Get ready to pout it out so that everyone notices how sexy are your lips.

Let your hair down!  

Metaphorically speaking - you may want to keep it up! What you will want to do is increase the volume of your hair, increasing the luxuriousness of your locks by using a product that will give your hair extra hold, lasting body, and a glossy shine, so that even if you pin it up, people will still see how luscious your 'do is!

To keep it from frizzing or falling down, spray it over with a volumizing hair spray to give it some extra pizzazz.

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Enchanting ensemble! 

Are you looking to go brash and busty, or subtle and seductive? Evening gown or miniskirt? Boots or stilettos? Consider decking yourself out in hot leather motorcycle boots to give yourself that naughty biker look.

Peruse a variety of motorcycle jackets for the perfect one to offer you that bad girl image. If slinky is your jam this year, think about basic black with perhaps one animal print accessory, like a scarf or a bracelet. Purchase or choose an adorable clutch to complete your look.

Scintillating scent! 

Make them remember you as you leave a heavenly aroma in your wake. Complete your look for the evening by splashing on a bit of new perfume as a way to complement your brand new Valentine's va-va-voom!

Something heady, like a musk perhaps? Or are you feeling more floral, maybe something like lilac, rose, jasmine, or tangerine? Or it could be that you want your perfume to be as sweet and supple as you are: vanilla, then?

Add it to your pulse points, especially your wrists, cleavage, and behind your ears, then get ready for a Valentine's you'll never forget!

(Guest Post by Carol Montrose)

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