Aching feet due to a corn – Reader’s Query

Reader's Query
Asha from Goa asks:
My feet hurt a lot if I walk a little more. There is a corn on my left foot. I have tried many ointments for it but there has been no relief.

Corns are caused by friction and pressure. Avoid tight and hard footwear. Ill-fitting shoes are the main culprit in the cases of aching feet and corns. Read more about it in this post.

Try using papaya milk (the white liquid oozing out of the papaya fruit stem) or some of these home-remedies,  from here and here or you might try a medicated corn plaster for the corn.

But if it still persists, don’t treat it further yourself. You will probably make it worse. Consult a podiatrist to get it removed painlessly.

Once you have been treated for the corn, be sure to throw away those old shoes, sandals, flip-flops, etc, which have been the cause of the problem.

For beautiful healthy feet, free from aches and pains, pamper it with foot-baths, have a bi-monthly pedicure done at home or at a beauty salon.

Also to exfoliate your soles and to keep them free from corns & calluses, practice bare-foot sand-walking on the beach. (This shouldn’t be a problem for you as you already live in a place that has lovely beaches.)

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  1. soak them in warm water!

  2. Add 1cup of Epsom salt to a bucket or tub of hot water. Soak feet for 15 minutes. This eases the pain and draws out toxins and soreness.

  3. Neeladri11:51 AM

    Depending on how bad it is, you could try wearing a pair of nursing shoes; they know a lot about foot pain. Also, consider going to a doctor or physical therapist or podiatrist

  4. Dwaraka11:51 AM

    soak your legs in warm water for about half an hour. Keep the water warm by getting someone to top up with hot water from time to time or you can do it yourself with a flask. Insoles are a good idea but i think that all your feet needs is rest. Maybe you can wear platforms instead of high heels.

  5. talk to a pharmacist about it. he should be able to offer some suggestions. there are OTC products you can use.

  6. soak your feet first with hot water/tea with mint leaves then use a thick lotion and massage them before you go to sleep. and if you have a fireplace you can warm your feet in front of it after you applied the lotion.

  7. Priyanka11:57 AM

    a corn patch and keep pressure off it

  8. Lalita11:58 AM

    you just need to get a bottle and roll your feet on it then just relax....

  9. Subhas12:00 PM

    I had one of these and i used similar techniques to u. i don't know how but i woke up one morning and it was hanging off... i used the bazuka strong gel stuff as well but i am not quite sure how is came off


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