How to properly accessorize (without over accessorizing!)

"When Accessorizing, always take off the last thing you put on." -Coco Chanel 

With bins of items accessory stores turn in adult candy shops offering literally hundreds of items for cheap prices -- Belts, bracelets, watches, scarves and rings, women and men alike have endless possibilities when it comes to accessorizing.

It's easy to get lost in all the madness with bags, hats, and Footwear etc.

Accessorizing isn't the easiest, but over accessorizing certainly is. Over accessorizing creates too much visual tension and kills an outfit. It is far better to go without than to over accessorize, when in doubt—take it off.

For women, the shape of the day is "hourglass" where the shoulders and hips are an even width and the waist is smaller.  "About 8 percent of the fairer sex actually looks like this. The rest of us fake it, and accessories can help us do that."

Accessorizing is all about balance, which can be pretty simple is someone takes an honest look at himself or herself.

If a woman is trying to create an hourglass look and her bust and shoulders are wider than her hips then she should accessorize with items that will pull the eye downward. This gives more visual weight to her lower half.

A statement belt, platform shoes or even large bracelets can all help pull the eye down.

If the hips are wider than the bust and shoulders than a woman can drape a wrap or scarf around her shoulders (don't pull it tight around the neck) a tailored jacket or tiered blouse would also help to balance out her shape.

In general women trying to achieve an hourglass shape should only buy statement pieces for areas they want to emphasize. They should refrain from accessorizing areas they want to de-emphasize or adores those areas with simple, neutral, monotone accessories; navy, black, gray, and tan work well.

Women should reserve bright, embellished, large, etc. pieces for the areas that want attention drawn to. This helps the eye to rest on the more positive aspects of a figure and ignore the rest.
Don't get carried away with really strong pieces.Shoes like this should only be worn with a black dress.
Other than helping to balance a shape, accessorizing should be done to based on your outfit. Think real estate—location, location, location.

If you buckle a large belt across your waist and then pile bangles on each wrist (when you're getting dressed—please never "pile" anything) you're creating an accessory horizon line that will cut your body in half.

Sure, your arms and waist are completely separate body parts, but when standing your wrist and waist will be run together. If you got rid of the belt and instead added dangling earrings of a similar metal to the bangles you would create a great triangle for the eye.
(Guest Post by Ashley)

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    I think big bangles are cute with dresses :)


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