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A simple home-remedy for head-lice. Take a bunch of fresh Mehendi (Henna) leaves (Though fresh leaves are preferable, if you cannot procure it you may use pure henna powder as well.) with a little water and grind it in a mixie to make a fine paste. Add 2 grams of camphor (Kapur) powder (buy from here) to this mixture. Apply this on your hair and leave it on for half an hour or so and then wash your hair. This helps get rid of nits as well as  head-lice. Henna (Mehendi) with its peculiar smell and antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties is quite capable of repelling human parasites like lice while camphor too being a moth repellent and an antimicrobial agent with anti-itching  properties is proven to be toxic for mites and parasites.

Henna plantcamphor

Caution: This remedy is not suitable for children below 12 years. Especially, it’s highly recommended that henna (for hair) shouldn’t be used on children less than 12 years.

P.S: You might also want to check other home-remedies for head-lice.

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(Contributed by Vini)

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  1. Bharati11:27 AM

    I had the same problem with my daughter. to comb out the lice eggs out you can mix alcohol and baby oil(equal amounts) and put in her hair. let it sit for about 10 minutes and get the lice comb and comb through that should get it all out. to prevent it from returning i used original Listerine and covered her hair in it let it sit in her hair for 5 mines and rinse out and i do that once a week.

  2. Sushma11:28 AM

    you need a fine tooth comb and mayonnaise rub the hair good in the mayonnaise and it will loosen up the nits so you can comb them out this worked real well for my children.

  3. Plain brown Listerine will keep them away after you get rid of them. put some in a spray bottle and spray your hair every morning.

  4. Anushka11:29 AM

    use a totally natural alternative to the chemical shampoos then use prevention methods such as hairspray and tea tree mixed with water in a spray bottle every day to ensure they never return.

  5. Vinuta11:30 AM

    neem oil

  6. Bhavani11:31 AM

    You can't just treat your head for lice you also have to treat all your bedding, cushions and clothing.Your clothes and bedding are easy enough to wash in hot water, the pillows can go through the dryer on a high cycle to kill the eggs. Yuk, my granddaughter had a sleep over at my house several years ago with head lice, I washed everything she touched, including the bath towels and wash cloths.

  7. Chadani11:32 AM

    warmed vinegar scrape the lice out and the eggs and rinse her head with warmed vinegar

  8. Mithila11:33 AM

    Roby Comb is a life saver! I too battles my daughters recurring lice for about two months until I discovered the comb at WalMart. You turn it on and run it through the childs hair. Its zaps and kills all lice and they stick to the comb. No joke. Very quickly all lice wil be gone and will not return. Don't forget to bag all the childrens stuffed animals for about two weeks also.

  9. Madhura11:34 AM

    apply onion juice on the scalp around twice a week. You can wash off the juice after four hours. This is one of the best and natural head lice treatments which you can follow.

  10. Chetana11:35 AM

    Usage of a nit comb is an absolute must when it comes to removal of head lice and nits. This should be done ideally with wet hair such that all the head lice are removed more easily. You should maintain the hygiene level of your home; changing pillow covers, bed covers often is a must. Apart from that the cleaning of the furniture should be done well also.

  11. Sannuta12:01 PM

    The most important part is the combing the eggs out. Comb through your hair in sections from scalp to ends. You should do this every day for at least five days. If you miss even one it can and prob. will hatch and cause re infestation. Still do all the washing, vacuum and put any thing non washable like stuffed animals in plastic bags sealed for thirty days.


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