Top Beauty Concerns during Pregnancy

Pregnancy can bring on many changes for a woman, physically, mentally, and emotionally.  But while most women chalk up their sleeplessness, mood swings, and irritation to hormones, they can pretty much live with these side effects of bringing another life into the world.  However, when it comes to some of the physical changes that expectant mothers have to deal with (besides a burgeoning belly), many women can go off the deep end.  However, there are ways to treat all of the beauty concerns that pregnancy might bring on.  Here are a few common issues as well as ways to combat them.
  1. Hairmatters.  There are two major issues where your tresses are concerned.  The first is dying your hair.  If you’ve been using chemical dyes, you’re going to have to give them up, especially those that have bleach.  Doctors warn that these toxic chemicals could get into your blood stream and damage the fetus, so they’re best avoided.  But you can still color your hair with natural products (like henna, but here too exercise your own discretion.).  The other issue that many women face is additional hair growth in places you don’t normally see it, like on your face or back.  Don’t worry; this is tied to your hormones and should abate after birth.  In the meantime, you may want to become familiar with home waxing kits.
  2. Melasma.  The so-called “mask of pregnancy” is not the type you would wear to a ball.  It consists of patches of pigmentation (usually brown spots) that appear on the face and are triggered by the combination of hormonal changes and sun exposure.  To avoid these unsightly spots, simply make sure to wear a suitable UVA/UVB sunscreen daily and stay out of direct sunlight.  Once your pregnancy is over, a dermatologist can help you to remove any dark patches with a regimen that could include scrubs, peels, or even a steroid cream.
  3. Hormonal acne.  If you are not one of those lucky women imbued with the “glow” of pregnancy, then your hormones could be doing a number on your skin.  And hormonal acne can be difficult to treat (especially when you’re concerned about OTC products).  So talk to a dermatologist in order to set up a daily routine that will have your skin softly glowing (rather than slick) in no time.
  4. Swelling.  This common symptom of advancing pregnancy is not only uncomfortable; it can leave you feeling like you look just awful.  Luckily, there is a cure, although it can’t be found in a jar of cream.  Instead, you’re going to have to hit the gym to alleviate this side effect, and pregnancy yoga is a great way to get started.  While walking and drinking plenty of water will help to flush your system and keep fluids moving (reducing swelling), yoga offers the added benefit of stretching out your changing body and making your feel relaxed, both of which are bonuses you can easily get on board with.
  5. Stretch marks.  You may have heard that during pregnancy caffeine should be avoided.  This isn’t just because it is a stimulant; it may also increase your chances of getting stretch marks (or worsen their appearance).  Although there’s really no way to avoid these unsightly and irritating aberrations on your skin (they’re thought to be hereditary) you can reduce their appearance somewhat and ease the itching by applying vitamin E oil.

Guest Post by Carol Montrose

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  1. Crystal8:45 AM

    Before using any topical skin-care product double check with your doctor (obstetrician, dermatologist) and then double-check ON your doctor:

  2. Ananya8:50 AM

    You must continue to wear sunscreen every day

  3. Anonymous8:53 AM

    Unfortunately nothing completely prevents stretch marks. there are some steps that can cut down on the ones that you do get and will help them fade. Use Vitamin E oil caplets. Rub the oil on your belly, hips, buttocks, and upper thighs nightly. Stretch marks are known to attack the breasts also so rub it there as well. If you do end up with some stretch marks you can use Mederma on them. It is made for scars and will help the ones you do have to fade.

  4. Rubbing baby oil into the abdomen each night might help. Various special creams and oils are promoted for preventing stretch marks, but there is no proof that they are effective

  5. Madhura8:55 AM

    You can help your skin by keeping it moisturized during pregnancy by using cocoa butter. Bio oil is fab if you notice some stretch marks appearing. As this does reduce the appearance of them.

  6. You can't avoid them completely, they are part and parcel of pregnancy.

  7. You could get a deep conditioner. They soften the hair, add shine, and detangle.


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