Are daily lenses more cost effective?

Contact lenses come in many variations, from daily use to disposable, to ones you use on a weekly basis, to gas permeable and toric. The lens you require is dependent on your individual needs. But are daily disposable lenses more cost efficient than their monthly use counterparts?

woman wearing contact lenses

The pricing of lenses can vary greatly depending on what you need them for. If they are simply a replacement for glasses, and are not of a specialised nature, then you will not be looking for anything too expensive.

If, however, you are in need of toric lenses as you have astigmatism then you will be spending slightly more than for a standard daily disposable lens.

Your optician will advise you which lens to go for, but remember it is also down to personal preference and comfort.

In regards to costing, it all depends on the amount you are required to wear the lenses. If there is a need for them everyday then without a doubt daily disposable lenses will be a lot more expensive than monthly use ones.

 contact lens on finger

This is because you will require 365 pairs, as opposed to the 12 needed for monthly lenses. If however, you only wear them once or twice a week, or perhaps even less than that, it will be in your best interest to use daily disposables.

Also, with daily disposable lenses there is no need to purchase cleaning solutions, which, if you are an infrequent user, will help bring the costs down.

Ultimately, for a daily disposable lens to be truly cost effective, you need to be wearing them infrequently throughout the week. If they are something you require on a daily basis however, then to ease your financial worries, monthly use contacts will be a better lens to wear.

(Guest Post by Sally)

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  1. Komal8:55 AM

    don't find the cheapest find what's best for you. don't mess with your eyes

  2. Omkar8:56 AM

    I wouldn't go for the cheapest lenses, but rather the ones that feel best for you. Don't sacrifice your eyesight for a little money.

  3. Madhura8:57 AM

    you only have one set of eyes... go to your eye doctor


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