Home remedies for eczema

Eczema means a ‘boiling over’ of the skin and is characterized by spontaneous eruptions with mild to severe itching, redness, flaking and tiny blisters. In chronic cases, the skin becomes thickened and appears like the ‘bark of a tree’. Eczema is one of the diseases which are inadequately treated by medical science. ‘Housewife’s eczema’ is an irritant eczema caused by prolonged exposure of the hands to detergents, washing liquids, shampoos and other caustic items. In this variety the skin may crack, flake and itch.
Home remedies for eczema
1) The affected part should be cleaned daily with warm water boiled with bark of the neem tree. This simple measure prevents secondary infections and itching.
2) The paste prepared from neem bark should be applied on the affected part and allowed to dry and then washed off.
3) Pure neem oil, in a dosage of 2-4 drops well mixed in a cup of warm milk with sugar should be taken daily for 40 days.
4) In itching eczema- Camphor can be added to any preparation for healing an itchy lesion, as it numbs and thereby soothes the urge to scratch.
5) Dried, shriveled garlic cloves are heated over low fire in coconut oil until the oil imbibes the black color or the cloves. The cloves are then squeezed into the oil and the oil filtered. This makes an effective application over weeping eczematous lesions.
6) You can prepare a medicated oil by boiling in coconut oil a handful of dhub grass, a few sticks of liquorice (called as Jetimad, Mulhathi in Hindi and Jeshtamadhu in Kannada) and some harad powder (available in any stores selling ayurvedic products) . This oil must be applied daily before bath.
7) After washing the lesions with a solution of tea and rock salt, the part should be dried and covered with a dilute paste of fenugreek and red sandal.
8) Store garlic cloves which have been dried in shade for a long time. Boil some of these in some coconut oil until the cloves turn black. Squeeze out these charred cloves into the oil and apply on wet lesions. You can see the skin turn healthy within a few weeks.
9) Wash the lesions twice a day with a solution of tea and rock salt. This can be followed by applying a paste of fenugreek seeds and Rakta chandana (red variety of sandalwood)
10) Turmeric (Haldi)is also useful in combating this disease. It can be applied externally over the eczematous patch and it can be taken internally along with milk in a dose or one teaspoonful, twice a day.
Dos and Don’ts
Keep the eczema patches free from any tight clothing.
* Avoid use of synthetic clothing which prevent evaporation of sweat.
* Avoid contact with detergents; if unavoidable wear cotton gloves and wash.
Avoid sour foods like pickles, curds, meat, fish and eggs.
* Intake of bitter gourd, bitter variety of drumstick, neem flowers and water melons is beneficial.
Juice therapy:
1) Intake or carrot + spinach juice is beneficial
2) Any of these juices also can be taken: potato, papaya, and water-melon.
Juice therapy is most effective when taken early in the morning on a empty stomach.
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  1. Anonymous11:15 AM

    I control my eczema with serenaskin herbal remedies. You can find it at serenaskin.com. It works for my condition very well

  2. Anonymous12:49 PM

    Mix honey and aromatic seed with the juice of boiled lemon. It is suggested to patients of ringworm and eczema to drink the mixture twice a day (in morning and in evening). It would be quite helpful against ringworm and eczema.

  3. Anonymous9:53 AM

    there are many things you could take for eczema.vitamin A. nutrex spirulina
    vitamin B complex ,total B liquid sublingual formula.magnesium,magnesium oxide powder

  4. Anonymous9:56 AM

    Eczema is often called Dermatitis, and may be a symptom of an omega-3 fatty acid deficiency. Eczema can be due to allergies, allergies secondary to digestive disorders such as hydrochloric acid deficiency, rashes secondary to immune diseases, genetic metabolic disorders, and/or nutritional deficiencies, especially of niacin (vitamin B3) and B6, as well as other B vitamins.
    To minimize your risk of developing eczema, avoid irritating substances, wear natural nonirritating materials, use soothing ointments, and check to see if dietary, nutritional, and/or and allergy-causing factors need to be considered Aromatherapy: Bergamot, chamomile, lavender, melissa, neroli, eucalyptus, geranium, and/or juniper can help speed healing and relief of symptoms when applied topically to the affected areas.

  5. Leena9:26 AM

    I never knew aloe could be useful in treating eczema. This is great news for me as I suffer with eczema, especially during dry weather. Thanks for the tips!

  6. Ananya6:09 PM

    Keep stress in check. Because stress can lead to eczema flares, try activities like yoga or walking after a long day to keep your stress levels low.

  7. Anonymous2:33 PM

    Liquorice root contains a substance called glycyrrhizinic acid, which is believed to help reduce the symptoms of eczema. It can be taken internally or applied directly to the skin.
    Witch hazel: A cream prepared with witch hazel and phosphatidylcholine has been shown to be as effective as 1% hydrocortizone cream in at least one study.

  8. Mohini5:47 PM

    An eczema flare up often signifies a lack in Vitamin A, especially beta carotene which is believed to be a major contributing component in a cure for eczema. This important nutrient is found in numerous green vegetables and because eczema is thought an immune-disorder, having a diet that contains more green vegetables would be a healthy cure for eczema.

  9. Ateendra10:32 AM

    Apply garlic juice & lemon juice to the affected place. It will clear fungus infection.
    Eczema/fungus infection of nails, hand & feet will be cleared with the use of Mehndi (Use continuously for a week). Avoid excess indulgence in water. Use of tulsi leaves and lemon juice to the infected part will also cure eczema.

  10. unknown5:30 PM

    Eucerin calming cream is a good amazing cream this works great I suffer eczema on my hand this only cream that help me it cost 5 to 6 bucks at any drugstore id good because doesn't have steroids.
    take flaxseed oil soft gel is great to clear up eczema for a long time

  11. Garry5:31 PM

    I have eczema real bad and my doctor gave me a prescription called Triamcinolon Acetonide 0.5% and it was the best thing he could have giving me. My skin was looking like I have been burn or a lizard. With in a day my skin was back to normal you would never known I had eczema.

  12. Vadiraj11:03 AM

    Aloe vera & Bottle gourd juices in the morning daily in empty stomach a great help

  13. Anonymous5:34 PM

    Wow, this seems like a touchy subject. Our son has had severe allergies and Eczema since he was a baby. Nothing worked for him and he was itching and miserable. We tried all kinds of treatment options for him including meds, docs, creams, holistic medicine, chiropractors etc.thanks for your remedies.

  14. Chetana8:44 AM

    You can try to increase your levels of Biotin, a water soluble b vitamin to help eczema

  15. Pavankumar10:29 AM

    Control the itching – Children will always scratch where they itch, and this can lead to infection. Keep the fingernails short and clean. wash your hands regularly.

  16. Unknown9:39 AM

    you can use some hydrocortisone ointment

  17. Anonymous1:00 PM

    you can use some hydrocortisone ointment

  18. Anonymous9:56 AM

    he main cause of eczema is overreaction of the immune system. Identifying certain foods, chemicals, etc can be very helpful in battling this disease. I try to avoid soy and milk products which trigger my flare-ups.
    After using number of prescription drugs I've turned to the natural treatments.
    Now I use serenaskin herbal remedies , which aim at the root of the disease - the immune system, and are steroid-free.
    After about 2 weeks of using ointment and spray my skin has been cleared up and now I just continue with eczema extract, which controls the immune system. My skin has been clear for months now.
    It is the only treatment I have found that provides me complete relief when I use it as directed.

  19. Unknown8:54 AM

    I've cleared my eczema with serenaskin herbal remedies in a few weeks. I've experienced relief after first application.

  20. shea butter and coconut butter (raw and pure) will work on scars.

  21. unknown9:02 AM

    you can try Clobetasol ointment

  22. unknown9:10 AM

    The best thing to do is get all cetaphil products (lotions, creams, body washes, facial washes, and sunscreens) and use them instead of aggravating products. Also, every time you take a shower, before you towel off, when your skin is still really wet, rub on moisturizing cream, this will make your skin soak in moisture and oils, and get your skin close to normal. It never will truly go away. Sun also helps it, so put on sunscreen, and go outside for a little. You have probably noticed that it gets worse in the winter, and better in the summer. Lucky for you, its summer time! :) Good luck, and if this doesn't work, try a dermatologist, they will tell you what else there is to do. Don't ignore it!

  23. unknown9:07 AM

    Vitamin C helps your immune system and cell turn over, taking a supplement could help.
    Also, do NOT wash your face more than ONCE a day.
    It may sound weird but for my dry skin I use vegetable/extra virgin oil taking dabs of it and rubbing it on your face and then using a CLEAN/UN-USED toothbrush and gently rubbing your face will help. Just rinse off at the end and pad dry your face.
    Hopes it helps

  24. Somanath9:24 AM

    Practice of good hygiene is the best form of treatment and prevention of eczema. Also, persons must be aware of things that can cause irritations on the skin and so that they can avoid possible contact with them.
    These things are also advised:
    - Avoid long baths using hot water. To lessen the itchiness, quick baths with lukewarm water will do the trick. - Make sure that clothes are clean and that no residues of laundry soap are left in the clothes. - Make sure to wipe sweat immediately.

  25. I've cleared my eczema with serenaskin herbal remedies in a few weeks. I've experienced relief after first application.

  26. Suhas4:32 PM

    wear NON-LATEX gloves, Wash your hand before and after handling the foods.If you have eaten these foods before you can continue to do so.

  27. Sudheedra4:32 PM

    Don't scratch!! wear gloves when touching meat, use ointment like cortisol cream or lanolin to moisturize and sooth

  28. Cedar wood and sandalwood oil- Mix 2-3 drops of these two oils and gently massage over the face and neck areas. The classic combination of these two essential oils has a soothing effect and is an excellent skin conditioner for oily skin and treats acne and eczema.

  29. Anonymous9:02 AM

    Forget lotion.

    Do these things:

    1) Change and wash your clothes regularly. When you scratch eczema, you build up dead skin flakes in your clothes, and they irritate the skin even more. Clean your clothes thoroughly to avoid this.
    2) Clean and wash your sheets regularily. The same reason.
    3) Avoid contact with water. Water irritates and dries out skin, so if you're one of those people who has a hot shower twice a day, DON'T. If you must shower to feel clean, do it with cool water and do it quickly. Towel off quickly and apply Vaseline to all the affected areas.
    4) Get a pair of cotton gloves for showering. Use them to rub off layers of dead skin. Wear a separate pair to bed so you don't scratch while you are asleep.
    5) Use Goat milk soap for showers and baths, and experiment with unscented laundry detergent to find out which one irritates your skin less.
    Do not use lotion or cortisone cream. If you have severe eczema these will do nothing at best, and will harm your skin at worst. Avoid using any lotion except VASELINE. Yes, it is gooey, yes, it is icky, and yes it seems like it will be weird, but forget the weird factor and do it. Your skin needs to be protected and moisturized. Use it religiously, even in your hair if you must if it's in the scalp, carefully rub it in.
    The main thing to keeping your flaring under control is to control the dryness, flakes, and itchiness. Follow my steps and you will be much happier.

  30. Karunya9:03 AM

    Boiled pulp of mango in water and juice of musk melon is very excellent home remedy for eczema. Peel off mango boiled in water let it cool and then apply this paste over eczema rash for 10 to 15 days. In the same way application of musk melon's juice over patches also helpful to treat eczema.

  31. Anonymous9:04 AM

    Diet can also act as effective home remedy for eczema. Patients with eczema are suggested to use diet that is rich in vitamins (A, D, E and B complex) and minerals (zinc and iron). Patients are advised to consume fruits and vegetables with negative calories. Fruits and vegetables include carrot, cabbage, beet root, tomato, apple, papaya, lemon, mango, orange and grapes. Use of such fruits and vegetables clean the bowel from toxic material that can cause itching and skin diseases. During diet treatment patient is suggested to use only orange juice and water 3-4 times a day for one week. After one week patient may take other food items like milk. When patient is getting improved he/she is advised to take diet that includes gram, cereals, green vegetables, salads and whole wheat flour bread. Oily and spicy food is completely avoided during the treatment.

  32. Waajid9:06 AM

    Castor oil is also use to treat eczema. 4 to 5 drops of costar oil in plain water or in any juice is advised to take early in the morning without having any thing.

  33. Anonymous9:07 AM

    " Coconut oil is also effective to clear eczema.
    " Sun bath is also helpful to cure eczema.
    " Use of water based paste of freshly picked almond leaves over wounds stops growth of eczema.
    " Papaya seed paste also reduces itching.
    " Witch hazel is a very common herb use to treat inflammatory conditions of the skin can also use to treat eczema.
    " Take ground basil, one tablespoon of olive oil, two garlic cloves and some salt and peeper. Mix them all and spread it over eczema patches. It will also give you relief.
    " Drench your feet in the mixture of vinegar and hot water with 1:4 ratios for 20 min twice a day is also a good home remedy for eczema.
    " Garlic paste with honey in equal ratio is also applied over wounds and wraps it with nylon bandage when going to bed. When remove bandage clean it with alcohol do not use water over it.
    " Fill the tub with warm water and add walnut leaves in it. Sitting in this water for short duration is also helpful to treat eczema.
    " Mix red Henna in boiling water until u get mixture of it. Allow it to cool and then spread over lesions. Leave it for 30 min and then wash it with water. You can repeat this after every 3-4 hours if you required. You can do it frequently after 3 or days if you think you need it.
    " Wear sandals in lace of shoes. If you use socks change you socks on daily basis. Another most important tip is to keep your feet dry. It is suggested to dry your feet with hair dryer.

  34. Robert9:34 AM

    Keep them moisturized with a clean and possibly new lip balm.
    Something your using on your lips is irritating them to have them flare as so.. or maybe something your using now which is causing the reaction. stop using newly used products and wait till it clears up. then later when your clear, test them to see which one it is... good luck on that.
    In the meantime I use spectro eczema intense re-hydration cream ( works amazingly) and maybe try some Burt's beez lip balm ( both very moisturizing and hypoallergenic). Try using an ice pack or cold substance and place it on your lips ( not directly, with a cloth because you don't want frost bite from the cold). It should help the swelling go down from the eczema.
    If not, go to your doctor and or dermatologist and he.she can help :)

  35. Anonymous9:35 AM

    Corticosteroid creams and ointments have been used for many years to treat eczema and other autoimmune diseases affecting the skin. Sometimes the base used in certain brands of corticosteroid creams and ointments irritates the skin of a particular patient. Side effects of repeated or long-term use of topical corticosteroids can include thinning of the skin, infections, growth suppression (in children), and stretch marks on the skin.

    Natural and holistic treatments are a safer, gentler alternative to use without the harmful side effects or allergic reactions.

    Herbal ingredients such as Vitamin E oil, Mentha pipererita oil, Bulbinella frutescens tr. and Aloe ferox tr. work quickly to soothe and promote healthy, trouble free skin. They help to provide relief from itching and discomfort and reduce eczema patches and also prevent infection and inflammation as well as reduce scarring.
    They maintain lymphatic functioning; support skin health, functioning, and membranes of cells in the skin; promote healthy cell renewal and routine shedding of old skin cells; maintain the body's water balance, keeping the skin fresh and hydrated; cleanse and purify the system, thereby promoting skin integrity; & support lymphatic functioning and support the skin’s ability to purify itself.

  36. Anonymous9:36 AM

    You can use the seeds of chilli peppers that have been stored in the refrigerator for a few weeks to very effectively treat your eczema (it has nothing to do with Capsaicin, the pungent principle). I used to suffer from eczema, in its many forms, since I was about 7 years old. I developed both eczema and asthma shortly after my family moved to the UK.

    I accidentally made the discovery over 10 years ago when I had started eating chilli peppers regularly for another medicinal purpose. It is crucial that the chillies are stored in the refrigerator for about 2 - 3 weeks prior to use. Only then will their seeds become active. I have explained the natural process involved (Phytoalexins) in my blog. This is the main reason why, despite the widespread consumption of chillies, it was not discovered sooner. There are links within my blog that provide further explanation together with some scientific data (conducted by Novartis Pharma) that proves the remedy works.

    It will cost you very little money (chillies are widely available and cheap) and a bit of inconvenience. The pungency (caused by Capsaicin) can be washed away using warm water to leave almost tasteless seeds (Capsaicin is present on the surface of the seeds, but not inside). The seeds must be crushed or chewed. As far as I know it is totally safe and without side effect. Over time it almost acts like a cure, with repeated usage resulting in your eczema returning in increasingly milder form. It has the following attributes:
    - It seems to be totally safe and without side effect (I have overdosed on eating chillies for up to 3 month without noticing any side effect)
    - It does not suppress the immune system, like synthetic oral corticosteroids and immunosuppressants like Elidel and Protopic (I was never prone to any infections)

    - It does not suffer from resistance, like conventional corticosteroids do (both topical and oral)

    - Over time it diminishes eczema, until it becomes very difficult to even deliberately exacerbate it to return. (This has been my experience. I am no longer able to make it flare-up)
    - Within a few days you will notice reduced itching

  37. My 2 years old daughter had eczema since he was four months old.
    I have tried many prescription creams that did not seem to work or worked for only a few days.
    A friend asked me to try MeritVCO extra virgin coconut oil. Its worked miracles. I got results in a day.
    There was no itching and the dry patches were gone.
    I now make sure to keep a bottle in the house all the time.
    I have also noticed that water and soap worsen eczema,
    so when he has it, I avoid them on the patches and use the oil instead.

    Please check out this article
    www.excelcombine.com / www.meritvco.com / www.excelcombine.co.uk
    Natural Cures for Eczema and psoriasis using MeritVCO Virgin coconut oil

    However I prefer natural treatments for eczema and use coconut oil for healing eczema or dermatitis. Unprocessed organic virgin coconut oil soothes immediately and goes to work on healing eczema, dermatitis or just about any skin condition.

    Patients with eczema have skin that is very sensitive to many substances such as soap, wool, detergents, make-up, cosmetics, mascara, lipstick, nail polish, shampoos, etc. Once skin is exposed to a trigger, it releases chemicals to the surface of the skin causing the patient to itch.

    To achieve control of your ski condition it does take time and energy to follow a successful skin care routine. Skin care routines can be at times time-consuming and may seem monotonous but are necessary and well worth the effort.

    We know that when someone is experiencing stress they are more likely to feel itchy and then start scratching their skin. A school-age child who has poor skin control usually feels isolated from his/her peers and can develop low self-esteem.

    For an attack of eczema, two conditions are necessary: a predisposition or special irritability of the skin, and a directly exciting cause. Another influence that has received increasing attention from skin specialists is that of any shock to the nervous system or prolonged mental stress or strain.

    While we don't understand all the causes of eczema, there is evidence that the following play a role in causing eczema: diet, genetics, the immune system, and abnormalities in the barrier (protective) function of the skin. We do know however that in eczema-prone people, certain things may cause a 'flare' or 'flare-up' or may 'trigger' an episode of eczema.

    There are treatments and remedies that do work for eczema depending on what has caused it. But some types of eczema have no known cause. However usually patients can achieve excellent control and live quite comfortably.

  38. Nishant8:23 AM

    Common eczema triggers foods including peanuts, wheat, soy, milk, eggs, citrus, sugar, and seasonings such as mustard and garlic
    nickel (bra clasps, belt buckles, jean studs, jewellery),medicinal preparations including lanolin, neomycin, fusidic acid, steroid cremes, and cetearyl alcohol, chromium found in foods such as broccoli, grape juice and red wine, and whole wheat, pollution, additive-loaded foods, elevated stress levels

  39. Bishak8:24 AM

    Often triggered by an allergy, eczema (atopic dermatitis) involves excess moisture loss, leading to dehydrated skin that is easily damaged.

  40. An important aspect of any eczema treatment plan would be to keep the skin well hydrated and moisturized.

  41. Dayanand10:14 AM

    apply mudpacks.

  42. Goutam10:15 AM

    The application of cold compresses is also believed to help in eczema treatment and should help provide relief to any skin irritation.
    Mashed papaya seeds can be applied to the areas of skin that are affected to reduce the itchiness.

  43. Vishnu10:57 AM

    For my eczema I use herbal cream by Champori quite successfully. It takes just a couple of weeks to clear the spots and they stay clear for months on end.
    Try it: champori comes with money back guarantee so if it doesn't work for you - it's free.

  44. Viresh11:20 AM

    Virgin coconut oil cure can also be true to eczema. Eczema, an inflammation of the epidermis, is caused by hereditary factors, allergens like dust, pets, or plant pollens, and irritants like smoke or solvents. As a result, a person experiences itching, flaking, dryness, or even bleeding of the skin. Moisturizers are very important treatment for eczema and Virgin coconut oil is best for lasting moisture for the skin. This same effect of coco oil also treats psoriasis.

  45. Harish11:13 AM

    Eczema can be treated by natural methods such as drinking plenty of water, taking oatmeal baths, using all natural supplements(fish oil, vitamin E, and vitamin C), etc. Here are good articles about the truth of eczema treatment naturally and success stories. It's very useful for you.

  46. Anonymous11:14 AM

    I had eczema bad as a kid, but thankfully it's been reduced to minor flares.
    For some strange reason, it seems like regular lotioning and exposure to sunlight do the trick. for a while, I had a thing where I would hit the tanning beds whenever I saw a rough patch because it seemed to get rid of it. Looking back, it may have just been the super moisturizing lotion I put on every time I went to tan.
    I'd just lotion the heck out of my skin. My eczema is mild, but whenever it does show up I can usually clear it out if I attack it with moisturizer in time.

    Also, a good way to keep yourself from scratching in your sleep is to wear gloves at night. It's a little wierd, but the plus side is that you could get some of those cool "restorative" (aloe, milk lotion, etc) gloves that make your hands so amazingly soft while you sleep. Or, you could do what I do and band-aid all the places I can't help itching while I'm awake lol

  47. things to try are Aveeno skin relief lotion (works a miracle with regular use) , cocoa butter lotion (palmers), Aloe vera gel (as pure as possible) or aloe juice drink, Almond oil, coconut oil, vitamin E cream. With skin eczema, moisturising will always be the most important thing .
    Diet is another thing to watch. Certain foods are likely to trigger, like eggs and msg. Washing your skin in too hot water will only dry it out and use only a soap powder for sensitive skin, and wear cotton to let your skin breathe. Never exfoliate skin conditions as this just makes them worse. Having animals in your home isn't great, so keeping them out your bedroom and away from bedding and clothes.
    As for the night itch, I would ask your doctor for an antihistamine, preferably a non-drowsy one you can take during the day.

  48. have Plain water steam
    Inhale and exhale for 15 - 20 min

  49. Anthany10:02 AM

    Drink plenty of liquids to help expel the phlem. Your voice is gone due to the drainage on the vocal cords. It is preventing them from vibrating properly. This will go away as the drainage clears up. Get some saline nasal sprays and this will help break up the stuffiness, and then blow your nose after you spray into your nostrils. Warm or cool liquids will help the sore throat as will warm salt water gargles.

  50. Fittbuff10:28 AM

    I have eczema and I use unscented lotion all over, I try not to use to much products such as hand sanitizer or scented lotion. also you might what to see a dermatologist. They could give you good prescriptions, also try aquaphor. its kind of like vaseline, but it works real good on dry patches. I have it really bad on my hands and my legs. once I got a really dry patch under my eye and the aquaphor made it go away.

  51. Anthany10:29 AM

    cortisone can sometimes give temporary relief, but then it dries out just as bad if not worse than before. It's also possible that the over-the-counter stuff you get just isn't doing the trick. It's best to see your doctor and get it evaluated to make sure you are treating it properly. Also, he can prescribe more powerful stuff if needed.

  52. Herambh10:30 AM

    Dermarest lotion (emphasis on "lotion" - I found the cream version they offer does not work as well)

  53. Anonymous10:31 AM

    I developed Eczema this spring..legs arms , everywhere but my face, I have used numerous prescribed creams , over the counter creams ...even used one that sent me to the emergency room ...thats on another review...I was desperate, I took allergy meds daily to deal with the itching , to the point where I know I was taking more than I should and I work in a hospital !!! Think I'd know better but I couldnt get any relief, one night I was at the drugstore and saw this product and thought okay whats one more cream ...having bought at least 20 different ones, two the night before...I used this product on a friday morning, been 1 week and havent taken any allergy meds, itching gone !!!! No welts, gone after 3 days, down to smooth skin, spots are dry and most at this point are just a light brown discoloration....and getting smaller....thank you I may even get to wear shorts this summer !!!!I went right back to that store and bought the rest that they had..I NEVER want to be without this product....you HAVE to try this ...you wont be sorry, Dermarest...thank you, you've given me my life back

  54. Anonymous12:51 PM

    Eczema is classified as excessively dry skin, combined with overactive antibodies. I know that when i got a blood test, i heard that people without eczema had 100 antibodies per square inch, and i had 45,503 per square inch. Anyway, the scratching comes from the dry skin, and the body because of eczema thinks that it is a foreign invader and attacks the scratched area, causing it to become more itchy (like when a scab itches, its because under it there is fighting between the antibodies and bacteria). Hence, you scratch more, and its a vicious circle. My problem arose because i was allergic to excessive food dye, i would get hives and it would itch more, hence causing the problem stated before. So, it could be because of an allergy, or you might be growing out of it, see a dermatologist, but accept no medication, because it makes matters worse.

  55. Harini9:33 AM

    A nice cocoa/shea butter will help

  56. Supreeta3:31 PM

    Eurcerin calming cream helps me a lot

  57. Amruta9:21 AM

    The only treatment that really helped me was serenaskin eczema remedies. Ointment and spray cleared my skin in a short period of time, anti-eczema extract prevents flare-ups by balancing the immune system. It has been more than 6 mo and my skin is still clear.

  58. Arjun9:22 AM

    you could try fish oil that helps me and i have it around my face or you could try some clear moisturiser which you just spread around you legs and arms in the shower...Hopefully it works!

  59. Yogish9:31 AM

    To get rid of eczema:
    - bath with oatmeal or sea salt.
    - use marigold (calendula) oil or cream to moisturize your skin after bathing: it helps to relieve and reduce the itching, redness and dryness.
    - bioresonance, which is based on the principle of the alternative medicine of bio-energy.
    - add natural and organic foods to your diet

  60. Ravindra8:59 AM

    Avoiding the foods that you know make things worse and avoiding the use of soaps, detergents and any skin products you find irritant makes sense. Eczematous skin usually benefits from use of plenty of moisturiser, such as aqueous cream, or some other non-perfumed equivalent product.

  61. Sabita9:13 AM

    Try Aloe Vera. I use something called Aloe vera gelly from Forever Living. I apply it on my eczema and they’re gone (yes, completely gone!) after 1-2 days. When they return I use some more.

  62. Ratan9:15 AM

    For me serenaskin eczema herbal remedies worked better than anything I've tried. I felt a relief after first application of ointment and spray, in a couple of weeks my skin was cleared.

  63. Ameena8:41 AM

    drink cabbage juice.about 1 ounce per day, mixed with other green juices, if preferred.

  64. Richa8:43 AM

    for healing eczema You can dissolve about 3 hands full of Epsom Salts into a bathtub of warm water and soak for 20-30 minutes in it once a day...use the time to relax and meditate

  65. Anonymous10:31 AM

    moisturizer, since dryness can aggravate eczema
    avoiding triggers, in the case of contact dermatitis. If certain allergens or irritants (like detergent) cause eczema, avoiding these will get rid of it. avoiding harsh soaps and detergents immunosuppressant drugs, if you have severe eczema that doesn't respond to other treatment

  66. If you're looking for a good treatment, what worked for our son is Salcura Dermaspray. All natural, easy to apply, stopped the itch almost instantly and his inflammation rapidly decreased. Over the counter, non-sticky, non-greasy, leaves no residue (you don't have to wash it off)

  67. There's actually this stuff I found on ebay called "egyptian magic" and it's supposed to rid of eczema. It makes your skin and hair really soft too. It actually gets rid of any impurities, fixes any skin discoloration, reduces scars, stretch marks, burns, or anything of the sort quicker than any other product I've seen before. It's expensive though. Like $20 for a 1 ounce jar. But you don't really need to use much, just some on your finger tips.

  68. Indumati10:17 AM

    Eczema Prevention Tips --
    Wash your hands,Cut your spices,avoid sun,avoid
    Wet dressings and Nutritional supplements

  69. Nitin2:10 PM

    you can use some hydrocortisone ointment

  70. David8:40 AM

    For the eczema I use aquaphor creme, find it at walgreens.

  71. Oatmeal bath!

  72. Cedar wood – good for eczema

  73. Shubendu3:12 PM

    put Tinactin on it. Totally worked.


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