11 Free, Fun Ways to Pamper Your Skin

The human skin is the largest organ of the body. So with that much exposure, you need to find ways to take care of it and ensure that it is always looking good. Here we look at some simple and inexpensive ways to pamper your skin...that will leave you feeling good, too!

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Fun & Free Skin Care

1. Scrub Your Skin: 

Taking a washcloth and scrubbing from head to toe acts as a natural exfoliant. This is easy to do and if you perform this natural scrubbing at least once a week you are sure to have healthier skin that just shines without spending a dime. But do avoid vigorous rubbing of your skin, especially facial skin to avoid fine lines,  wrinkles and premature aging.

2. Drink Plenty of Water: 

The single best ingredient for your skin is water. Water helps to move out any toxins in the body and keep your skin looking and feeling young and fresh. It’s recommended to drink at least eight glasses of water a day but the more the better to get to healthier natural skin.

3. Learn How to Deal with Stress: 

Stress is bad for you across the board and that goes double when it comes to your skin. If you’ve been having breakouts or an overload of blemishes lately, it may very well have to deal with stress. If you really want to take good care of your skin, find effective ways to relax you and allow you to get rid of any unnecessary stress in your life. Make it something fun for double benefits—dancing to your favorite beats, talking with the girls, or anything that decreases your stress and increases your enjoyment!

4. Apply a Warm Towel: 

Applying a warm towel to the skin, particularly the face, can truly help to rejuvenate and awaken the skin. It can relax the muscles and leave the skin looking fresh and new almost immediately. It's a simple skin-fix that can leave you feeling surprisingly rejuvenated and inspired.

5. Get Enough Sleep: 

Your skin can start to really look worn if you don’t get enough sleep, so be sure that you are getting enough good restful sleep at night. Plan a bedtime and stick with it to ensure that your body doesn’t react through bags under the eyes or any other blemishes that may show up when you’re not well rested. What could be more enjoyable than a good rest? Read Sleep as a beauty aid.

6. Avoid Smoking: 

Smoking is a surefire way to cause your skin to look worse for the wear. If you really want to pamper your skin, quit smoking and avoid second hand smoke at all costs. Make it a team-effort with friends and the entire experience, although certainly trying at times, will be much more enjoyable.

7. Use a Homemade Mask: 

You can create your very own face mask with ingredients you have in your own home. A mask made with avocado or oatmeal can help to unclog pores and leave the skin looking shiny and new. Make this a team-effort, too—a little wine, a few friends, and a you have yourself not only a beauty treatment, but a spa evening! Go through the post 5 easy DIY facial masks.

8. Use Vitamin E Regularly:

 Vitamin E is excellent for the skin and by simply taking a supplement with proper levels of it, you are sure to provide an excellent foundation for great looking skin.

9. Eat a Healthy Diet: 

Getting all of the proper nutrients through fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and low fat dairy products can help to restore balance to your system and that carries through to your skin. As skin is the largest organ in your skin, eating a well balanced diet will show through from head to toe. To liven it up, make it a challenge where the one with the best skin in 3 weeks wins. If you happen to blog, a blog challenge or contest may be just the motivator you need.

10. Protect Yourself from the Sun: 

The biggest reason for skin blemishes is overexposure to the sun, so do your part to protect yourself. Avoid the sun at the high times of the day and when you are out in the sun; be sure to use proper levels of sun screen to keep your skin looking fresh.

11. Relax with a Hot Cup of Tea: 

 The heat from a cup of tea can help to open up the pores and let the skin relax. If you can take the time to relax and unwind with a cup of tea (preferably green) that is full of antioxidants, that is one of the very best and most enjoyable ways to take care of your skin.

These tips are a great place to start and cost you nothing but a little time and attention to pampering yourself. That in itself should be enjoyment enough, but take these few cues and see how you can add a little something to make it even more fun and enjoyable.

About the author:
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  1. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Would like to add another one:
    Choose skincare products by power, not by price. Retinoids (vitamin A) are demonstrated by clinical studies to help your skin look and act younger, stay clearer and simply glow, and are FDA approved for treating fine lines and wrinkles.

  2. Excellent points! Makes me want to take a day out just for myself some time very soon! At least a cup of tea will have to suffice for now... Yes, we really should all make more time for ourselves and do the things you are suggesting. It's amazing how nurturing the inside can be a wonder-drug for the outside, hey? I would also like to suggest that when we do use products to enhance our external beauty, we use only those that are considered non-toxic.

  3. Kapil3:51 PM

    Eat plenty of enzyme rich foods. Enzymes are found in raw foods. The enzymes in raw foods are completely destroyed when heated to 48 degrees C (118 degrees F) for more than half an hour.
    Enzymes are the key to longevity. Adding enzyme supplements to our meals is another way to ingest extra enzymes.

  4. These are really interesting fun ways to pamper our skin. Thanks for sharing these amazing tips..


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