7 Makeup Tips For Perfect No Filter Selfie

Technology is such a sweetheart, isn’t it? It has given people countless options to communicate back and forth at practically no cost. It has also made getting tight, refined pores so inexpensive that literally does not leave you anything else to do to your skin than simply snap a photo, tap on the “edit” button and filter away your skin imperfection!

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Fun? Not! It makes you lazy. You have to be reminded that you need to exert effort to get great skin.
No filter makeup tips to get great looking skin with every snap.

Stop being lazy and start doing seven things for your skin. Let your natural glow shine through across all of your social media accounts — filters off please!

Step 1: Prep your skin. 

Simply because great skin complexion begins with great skincare, start by cleansing and toning your skin. If you haven’t exfoliated for at least three days, you may squeeze in this step in your routine right now. Exfoliating allows your product’s beneficial skin ingredients to deeply penetrate your skin.

Pull off your no filter look using these makeup ideas, first by applying your essence. Next, spoil your eye area with a Pure Body Naturals Eye Cream or any eye cream that can flood your eye area with moisture, enough to pull it up and straighten out fine lines and wrinkles. Don’t forget to apply your moisturizer or anti-wrinkle cream too. Make sure to let each product seep in completely before layering with another.

Step 2: Correct. 

Even out your skin tone with a color correction cream or a blemish balm cream. These are sheer coverups that give your skin just the right amount of coverage to make it appear radiant, healthy and young-looking while permitting your skin to breathe.

Step 3: Conceal. 

Many times, simply correcting will fail to cover up other smaller, isolated imperfections like acne marks or age spots. Use your concealer to bring up the color to your natural skin tone. Don’t forget to top the area once again with your CC or BB cream for a flawless, seamless finish.

Step 4: Brighten. 

Step up the improvements made by a Nova Derm Eye Cream or a similar product on skin surrounding your eyes by brightening up the area. Pull up your thin eye skin by lining your top and bottom eye lines with a highlighting eye liner. Brighten your under eyes all the way to the lower side of your eyebrows with a concealer and your highlighter. Use a concealer brush to blend in and incorporate the product well into your skin.

Step 5: Frame your face. 

Get a flattering look by properly framing your face. Draw on your eyebrows with tiny, thin, smooth lines that resemble your natural eyebrow hair. Any straight, hard lines will make your look severe and you, older.

Step 6: Open up your eyes. 

Make your eyes appear livelier and happier by opening it up some more. It’s best if you go for natural, nude tones to achieve this look. Use light browns and nudes to draw highlights and shadows on your eyelids.

If you feel like going for smoky, sultry or darker eyes, feel free to do so but, this will make your eyes a little bit smaller. Then, you’ll have to do some more work on your eyelashes. If you aren’t already using extensions, use falsies or, simply curl up your eyelashes and put on some mascara. Try not to make your eyelashes heavy so it doesn’t make your eyelids appear heavy.

Step 7: Color your lips. 

Last step of these makeup ideas, put on lip color. For taking selfies, shimmery glosses and lipsticks are generally not advisable as these make your lips appear greasy. Matte will work wonders but you may also want to stick to your light pinks, peaches and nudes. Line your lips and lip outline with concealer to keep your lip color in place.

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Filters are fine but natural, great looking skin is so much better. Here’s one proof that technology isn’t always what’s best for you. Considering the products you’ll need to pull this trick off, technology is, yeah, cheaper — but you don’t want to look it, do you?

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