Holiday Food That Can Yellow Your Teeth

The holidays are considered the most wonderful time of the year for a season that is filled with festive decor and sugary treats. Although most people pay close attention to their waistline with what they eat, the holiday foods consumed can also stain your teeth and cause them to become yellow. To prevent discoloration and protect your natural shade, there are a few foods to skip this Christmas.

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Fruity Desserts
From blueberry pie to cranberry cake, more people enjoy making fruity desserts during the holiday season. Although the recipes may be tasty, the color of the fruit will likely yellow your teeth and cause them to look stained. For discoloration that has already begun to develop, a dental professional like Parkland Mall Dental Centre, Red Deer dentists, can provide a cleaning and even whitening services to restore your smile.

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Candy with Artificial Colors
From gumdrops to candy canes, the bright colors that are found in the most popular candy treats can wreck havoc on your teeth. Candy that is sucked on for several minutes will often cause the most damage due to the lengthy time that the colors have to become stuck on the teeth when mixed with saliva. Stick to eating chocolate, pumpkin pie, or cinnamon rolls for holiday desserts that won't cause as much damage.


Red Wine
The darker color of wine, the more harmful it is on your teeth. Red wine is a popular beverage to enjoy with Thanksgiving dinner or before going out for caroling, but can quickly cause your teeth to look yellow. Limit your consumption of the beverage or consider drinking it through a straw to prevent contact with your teeth.

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Peppermint Tea
Coffee and sodas are common threats to the white shade of your smile throughout the year, but during the holiday season tea can cause more damage with more consumption. The more porous that the teeth are, the more stained that they will become. It's important to avoid drinking tea completely or try consuming it through a straw to prevent discoloration.

When it comes to consuming different holidays foods during the season, there are many treats that are a tradition to enjoy in most households. Although it can be fun to celebrate the time of year with your favorite holiday foods, it can be difficult to restore your natural shade once the new year arrives. By consuming the items in moderation and finding alternatives, it's possible to preserve your white teeth and prevent discoloration.

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  1. Smitha5:51 PM

    Veneers are typically made from porcelain and are applied in thin layers on top of the tooth surface. This can be one of the most effective ways to get rid of your yellow teeth.

  2. Prabha5:52 PM

    You can try rubbing them with strawberries. Also once a week you can have some baking soda and mix it with lemon juice and brush you teeth with this. Another way is to put baking soda and hydrogen peroxide (3%) mixture on your tooth brush and brush your teeth with that. You can also burn some wood and use ashes to brush your teeth


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