The Art Of Self-Expression Through Clothing

Fashion is a form of self-expression. Your clothes on the outside reflect who you are on the inside. Your personal style can change depending on your mood, confidence level, and seasonal trends.

Remember that clothing is something more than just something that you need to wear to cover up your body. It's used to make a fashion statement, and to express your true inner self.

Here are some ways you can express yourself through fashion.

The Art Of Self-Expression Through Clothing

Discover Your Sense of Style

The first thing you should do is discover your personal style. If you're struggling with your identity, think about the clothing and accessories you like to wear. You don't have to be a fashion maven. Sometimes wearing a graphic hoodie or T-shirt is enough to express yourself and your sense of style.

Look through various fashion magazines or browse at style blogs to see what looks you like. Create a mood board or a collage with your favorite looks in mind. Jot down notes to describe why you like these looks. You may notice that you like feminine looks or the minimalist aesthetic instead of the athletic trend.

Dress For Yourself, Not For Others

Fashion is about dressing for yourself, not for others, contrary to popular belief. When choosing your outfits, your personality should shine through at all times. The way you dress is a reflecting of your personality and character.

You shouldn't limit yourself to dressing like your favorite celebrity. Don't be something you're not. Keep a few wardrobe staples in your closet that you love to wear and make you happy.

You also shouldn't dress to impress others. Your wardrobe is about making yourself happy. Choose items that you enjoy wearing.

Wear Clothes That Make You Feel Good

This leads you to the next tip. Your mood can vary in the outfits you choose to wear. You may wear something that elevates your spirits or makes you feel depressed. Wear something that makes you feel good.

All it can take is a T-shirt or hoodie with your favorite saying on it. Other times it can be a bright colored belt or a special necklace. If you feel good, it will reflect on the outside.

Use clothes that improve your mood. Check out clothing items with personality at THE MOUNTAIN.

Don't Follow The Fashion Trends

It's easy to follow the trends and to be inspired by them. Maybe you want to wear an outfit that's been worn on the runway or seen on a celebrity. However, if you're not comfortable wearing it, you may feel like a fashion faux pas.

Following the fashion trends can only help you if the clothes look good on you.

When you choose what clothes to wear, it should suit your style.

It should also flatter your face as well as your body. You want to wear the clothes -- not the other way around. Fashion is great, but only when it flatters you and reflects your personal style.

Shop to Support a Cause That's Important to You

Buy clothing that helps support a cause that you believe in. If you're someone who loves to volunteer or help out, choose brands that give back to a greater cause. There are many sustainable fashion brands who are on a mission to make fashion have a social conscious. Every garment they sell supports a woman or child in need.

Not only are you buying clothes that support your fashion needs, but those of the people who need your help. Make a difference by choosing sustainable and eco-friendly clothing that's also socially conscious.

Final Note

And last, don't worry to have fun with fashion. It's all about experimenting with different looks and trying something new. Wear new clothes, styles, or designs to shake up your wardrobe and prove to people you're not afraid to take risks.

Building the right wardrobe can make you feel good again. These are all great ways you can express yourself through fashion.

(Contributed by Becky)

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