Women's clothing & fashion trends that men hate but women adore

Women have always had the upper hand on the fashion quotient. Has one ever wondered there could be some fashion statements that don’t make the men turn their heads? Instead, there are some fashion trends that women think are quite fashionable but men hate. Certain clothing in the women wardrobe can be quite men repelling.

There are lot of clothing items which are displayed on the fashion ramps and catwalks, but those are rarely seen on the local mall shops or the high street. All the statements made on the ramps are not head turners. You often wonder why the models don’t look like normal women, it shall remain a mystery.

womens clothing & fashion hated by men

If you want the men to like what you wear and the kind of clothes you wear should be appreciated by them, then here are a few of the clothing items that you should not have in your wardrobe.

A wardrobe desired by you and men friendly.  Let us have a look first at the garments which may be men’s worst nightmare.
  • Hairy boots
  • Gladiator sandals
  • Ugg boots
  • Harem pants
  • Dungarees
  • Jumpsuits
  • Over the knee colourful socks

Forget the Jumpsuits, Harem Pants and Dungarees!

What men don’t like? They don’t like the shapeless clothes. They like to go at a waist, the hips, the butt and breasts. That is a big no to those harem pants, guess they should just stay in the harem and not come out into the high street fashion world. The jumpsuits and Dungarees next go in that recycle bin.  Women will spend loads of time to get into that difficult jumpsuit garb and it also has become quite ubiquitous. The dungarees look good when worn on farms but not in the public or part of the high street fashion. Do shred the clothes before putting them in the bin else, someone might use them!

What men like is to have a look at the ladies legs, they might not be the perfect pair of legs but they like to have a look, especially if the women wear tights or even better, stockings. And more so if the look is accentuated by corset belts, suspenders or garter belts.

Another big cross in the women’s wardrobe are leggings and loose T shirt combination and even worse are the Jeggings, which are a mix of the jeans and leggings.

women wearing ugg boots

Ditch the Knee socks, ugg boots and gladiator sandals!!

Just like the name “Ugg” boots, they are an ugg for the men too. They look as if the wearer walked on some poor small mammals and they put the bodies on her foot.

Gladiator Sandals are as unwelcome as the ugg boots. As much as the men love the stockings and tights, the socks over the knees are a complete put off. The socks over the knee are equally disliked. It looks as if the grownups are still clad in the uniforms. It just does not seem right.

woman wearing socks over knee gladiator boots
Double trouble: Ugg boots and gladiators

Men are also not very fond of overdone makeup. They don’t care for the bright colours and the neon colors and the girlie pinks are just not appreciated. However, the bright red works like magic and surely attracts the men folk.

NO to tuxedos, tassels and tattooed women!!

Most men with or without tattoos don’t like the ladies wearing the black and colored ink all over their backs, breasts or butts.

Keep the tuxedos and those boyfriend blazers for the men, ladies stay away from the tuxedos. Also stop borrowing your boyfriend’s blazers; it just does not look cool. And when you do restrain yourself from the tux, the tasselled jackets and bags can also go in the recycle bin.

The furry jackets are not welcome too! They make the women look like residents of the second world (a virtual world). They look hideous like some virtual place alien people. The real world men do not appreciate the furry ones at all. And the furry boots can also take some rest in the closets... The models with ultra thin legs and furry boots are a put off for the men. It looks like the fur of an animal is just sheared to put on the feet. They are a massive turn off.

 women with furry jackets and shoes

They just love the sexy clicking of heels and not the pad of the sheepskin shoes. So put away your flat sheep skin shoes away.

Men fall for women who put up a beautiful smile and have lovely eyes, the ultra big sunglasses hide the smile and the lovely eyes, and hence is a definite no. Also, men do not want to get distracted from the inner and outer beauty, so keep it shapely, simple and FEMININE!

woman wearing huge sunglasses

Author Bio: Jason Phillips has authorized this post. He is a freelance writer with extensive experience about contemporary clothing in the fashion industry. His articles appear on various fashion publications.
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