Top 5 Beauty Must Haves for Every Woman's Purse

That boy you’ve secretly had a crush on at work finally calls you after weeks of encrypted text messages back and forth. He wants to meet you after work, which, you realize, is only in a half-an-hour!

There is no way you will have time to go home and change into that cute red dress you just bought. You start thinking this might be a fashion and beauty emergency. You will not allow yourself to have both, as you thank the Sephora gods in heaven for that cherry lip-gloss you brought with you today.

You convince yourself everything is going to be ok, as you practice your yoga breathing exercises and examine your Prada handbag for items that will give you a much-needed quick fix. It’s time to turn on the survival mode and get creative.

top 5 beauty must haves for every woman's purse

1.Floss Picks

Small and compact, this item can be your lifesaver when it comes to getting that leftover lunch food out of your teeth. Avoid an embarrassing moment by packing an extra stock of floss picks in your purse.

When the time comes to put this handy device into action, you won’t regret it. Often flavored, these compact picks can also give bad breath a minty makeover.

2. Tweezers

Find yourself with a straggling eyebrow hair? Did you happen to get an annoying splinter at work?

Tweezers are a sure bet when it comes to handling the little problems in life. They are discreet, pint-sized, and take up little to no room inside your bag.

They can handle any beauty emergency and are multi-faceted. The tweezers are a great way to stay groomed and looking your very best.

3. Lip Gloss. Handbag Cosmetics

In the beauty Bible, this is a handbag must when it comes to keeping your precious lips hydrated, full and luscious. Just a quick application can turn your drab face into a refreshed, sun-kissed beauty.

Make sure to look for a gloss that has a hint of color to add an extra boost to your lips. It is important to keep lip-gloss in stock that protects and heals during those long, cold winter months.

4. Mascara

Often referred to as the “magic wand,” mascara is a useful tool to giving those lashes the extra lift they need. Now available in tiny sizes, this beauty essential is no bother to cart around in your handbag.

It is lightweight, and can come in a variety of shapes, textures, and colors. Sometimes all you need at the end of the day is an extra dosage of mascara. Don’t leave home without this item!

5. Compact with Pressed Powder. 

This handy item can often be a lifesaver when it comes to those nasty, ninja zits that pop out of nowhere. No need to fuss and worry if you’re packing this in your purse. Most come with a mirror, which makes application quick and easy. Also useful to combat a shiny nose, the compact is ideal for a girl on the go.

(Contributed by Carol Montrose)

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  1. 1. Wallet
    2. Blackberry
    3. Sunglasses
    (runners-up include)
    a. lip gloss
    b. phone
    c. under-eye concealer
    d. blush
    e. gum
    f. mp-3 player (yes, I'm the one who doesn't own an IPOD)

  2. Fashionist12:12 PM

    These are the things that go in my hangbag:
    Water bottle
    Burt's Bees chapstick
    Burt's Bees Lipgloss
    These are the bare essentials that go in a clutch that goes in my bag (so I can easily put it into my school bag on school days.)
    Another Burt's Bees chapstick (I can't get enough)
    Hand sanitizer
    Powder (for minor touch ups)

  3. Make up (Mascara, eyeliner and perfume), car keys, house keys, mirror, hair brush, photos of family, books (chick flics), mobile phone, camera and...oh yeah and cinema tickets.

  4. Bipasha12:15 PM

    I usually have:
    -this little pouch with some makeup, lip balm, cough drops & a mirror
    -this other "emergency" kit with some pads/tampons & those little Crest Wisp things to touch up your breath

  5. we usually take makeup [lipstick, blush, concealer, mascara, eyeline, lipliner,mirror]. A brush for your hair. Mobile phone, MP3

  6. In my handbag except the usual stuff I have a separate little bag (sort of like a makeup bag) where I store all my essential handy things. This is perfect when changing your handbag as you don't have to fiddle around transferring all your things. Another good thing about this little bag is that if you have a spillage it wont leek into your handbag.

    Within this bag I store
    +Tip Tacs
    +Hand sanitizer
    +Lip balm
    +All in one travel compact mirror/brush
    +Mini dental floss
    +SPF moisturizer
    +Ladies panty liner (just incase)
    +Blotting paper (use to absorb oil from the face which can be use with or without makeup on)
    +Hair tie
    +Bobby Pins

    Other handy things you can carry is
    +Mini deodorant/body spray
    +Mini hairspray
    +Mini air freshener because you never know when things are going to get stinky lol
    +Flush able toilet wipes
    +Nail cutters
    +Mini nail file
    +Mini sawing kit
    +Cotton cue tips just in case you smear your makeup
    +Address book with numbers you may need
    +Compact travel eyeshadow and lip colour set
    Have fun choosing one of these mini bags. Mine is a sparkly and glittery hot pink colour.
    Another handy hint is to keep another one of these bags on the side full of makeup so you can use it on the go if you are running late.

  7. this is whats in mine now- depending on the size- sometimes i hafta take stuff out- but this one can hold anything.
    wallet, dayplanner, tissues, brush/mirror combo w/ hairtye around it, bodylotion, tide to go pen, antibacterial gel, chapstick, tiny perfume, eyedrops, safety pins, flossers, travel size sunscreen, nailfile, travelsize deodorant, gum, pen, mace, bandaids, various medicine, time-of-the-month products, personal cleansing clothes, bobby pins
    maybe you'll also want face oil blotting sheets.
    have fun shopping for tiny things to put in it.

  8. three favorite fashion things then I'll say:
    - My Juicy Couture Sneakers
    - Marilyn Monroe T Shirt
    - Dark Wash Skinny Jeans
    Object Wise, I'd probably say:
    - FLIRT! Lip Gloss
    - Juicy Couture Jewelry
    - Tiffany & Co. Jewelry

  9. Narmada4:49 PM

    To maintain leather goods for longer, oil and polish your leather shoes and bags regularly. Leather dries and it can crack if it becomes too dry. Use a quality saddle soap or beeswax to oil the shoes and then apply a polish to clean them, making them shine.


  10. lipstick is my beauty thing - can be used as blush and even "liquid" eyeshadow in a pinch and don't have to worry about it clashing with your lipstick - i wear a basic golden brown with reddish tone lipstick.

  11. Eye liner & Lip gloss.. mmmm <3

  12. Kavita3:42 PM

    comb,mirror and lip gloss

  13. Sahana3:43 PM

    compact, blush and a mirror


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