Show off Your Shoulders and Go Strapless

Often considered to be one of the more challenging dress trends to wear, when it comes to rocking strapless dresses, the key to getting them right is to choose a garment with a flawless fit. Take a look at the likes of Anne Hathaway, Scarlett Johansson and Halle Berry… all three of these elegant movie stars have an impeccable fashion taste at every event they attend. You can also dress the part just by following a select few clever styling tips. Chances are that these ladies each have their own stylists to help them create an effortlessly chic red carpet looks, but anybody can achieve a celebrity-worthy get-up if they pay close attention to how a garment fits, among other details.

There is a plethora of different strapless dress styles out there in designer fashion, high street fashion and luxury retail outlets, but to be able to decipher which ones are right for you, it’s worth making a mental note.
Below are 3 handy tips:

1. Does Your Dress Fit Correctly?

Perhaps the most imperative aspect of nailing any strapless dress look is to ask yourself, “Does this dress fit my body shape?” While there is more to life than keeping in shape, it’s astonishing to realize the difference that a few extra inches can make when it comes to a dress fitting. The good news though is that not every strapless dress fits restrictive on the body. There are some specialist retailers like Camilla and House of Fraser that specifically make their garments loose and comfortable to wear, but they don’t compromise on the fashion elements. Not everybody enjoys wearing a restrictive waist belt around their dress, especially if the event or party in question is going to be an all night affair. Camilla offer some strapless dresses that feature hidden bodices, but they also benefit from having draping maxi lengths. Also, the fact that their entire range consists of sheer fabrics, intricate embellishments and bold prints means that you wouldn’t necessarily need to be seen sporting any accessories – the dress alone will help you make an entrance.

2. Are you wearing the Right Underwear?

In this day and age, lingerie covers a very broad spectrum. From bodices, corsets and girdles, to wonder bras, strapless bras and even self-adhesive bras, it’s impossible not to be able to find the perfect undergarment to go with that new strapless dress. Whether you’re preparing for a first date, a night out with your girlfriends, or you’ve got an important work event coming up, once you’ve got the lingerie area covered, let your confidence, natural charm and your chosen dress do the rest!

3. Have you pampered your Shoulders?

This may sound like a rather peculiar statement, but the shoulders can actually be a woman’s finest asset. For some of us, it’s our legs, other ladies have great arms, while some of us just have naturally toned shoulders. If you know you’re going to need to look your best, why not treat yourself to a home or salon pamper session? Have a shoulder massage to improve circulation, buy some body butter that has a subtle shimmer to it, so that you can rub this onto your d├ęcolletage, arms and shoulder areas. Any lighting you encounter will then ensure your shoulders are looking clean and preened. You can also decide whether or not you’re going to embellish your neck with a choker, a precious pendant, or a classic pearl wreath necklace. Alternatively, a bare neck works well too. After all, there’s nothing more glamorous than a polished strapless dress ensemble that has been carefully styled.

(Contributed by Leena)

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