How Baby Prams Can Help Moms Stay in Shape

When women become mothers, their entire lives change. All of the freedoms, financial security and alone time they had before baby vanishes. Of course, most women would agree that the trade off is well worth losing those privileges. One of the things a lot of mothers miss once their babies are born is time for staying in shape. Whether they are members of  a gym, enrolled in a dance class, or enjoy running around their neighborhood, mothers need that "me" time to stay physically and mentally fit. Breastfeeding is a great way to help lose some of that baby weight, but it doesn't get the heart rate going, or build any muscle.

But what happens when baby comes along and all of that free time goes away? Moms find ways to squeeze in time for getting fit with baby. And it is actually easier than it sounds. A couple of easy ways to get active with baby are: 
  • Running errands  
  • Doing chores around the house 
And of course, on days when the weather is nice outside, a lovely stroll with baby is a great way to get that heart rate going while breathing in some lovely fresh air. With a baby pram, moms can get out and get moving, and baby will also enjoy the outing. 

Some baby prams are available in jogging style, so that mothers can do more than just walk with baby. When baby is still only a few months old, most moms may still be recovering from childbirth and getting back to their normal routine. In this case, a good fast walk is more than enough. Women should allow themselves time to get back to where they were before they became pregnant. 

Of course, baby prams are not just intended for physical activity. They are meant to make mothers' lives easier. And even when they don't intend to be active, using a baby pram will get women going. Just lifting baby in and out of the pram is a good workout for those arms. So, in addition to finding a design that makes an active lifestyle easier, moms should check for prams that offer: 
  • Convenience- easy to fold up and transport 
  • Affordability- won't break the bank 
  • Quality- durable and meant to last 
Some popular brands to check out that offer these baby pram features include Steelcraft, Baby Jogger City and Mountain Buggy.

Steelcraft prams also offer options for more than one child to ride in, both side by side and front and back. Once mothers have found the style of baby pram that best suits them, they can start putting some "time to get out and get fit" on their calendars. With their baby pram, their precious baby and their "can do" attitude, they will get back to their pre-pregnancy routine in no time.

It is possible for new moms to maintain an active lifestyle. Some of those leisure activities that they enjoyed before baby might have to be put on the back burner, but there is no excuse for not getting out and getting active!

(Contributed by Gina Jones)

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