Gypsy Road – 3 Bohemian Ways to Wear Long Sleeve Tops

Ever since fashion started introducing shoppers to longer sleeved clothing, the demand for great styling has become equally as important as getting quality for your dollar. So what types of clothing can we define as being long sleeved?

There are many different long sleeve top options to choose from in today's world of fashion and retail, so it can actually be a challenge just to keep up the latest trends.

But some of the most popular varieties which offer a fresh angle on fashion include: boyfriend shirts, sheer blouses, off-the-shoulder gypsy tops, as well as cropped midriff and oversized styles.

In a world that's dominated by creating your own unique sense of expression, now it's more important than ever to be able to find tops that are a cut above the rest.

You'll never see a fashion blogger who wants to look the same as the next girl on the block, so this often means choosing separates that will set you apart from your peers.

There is an influx of online retailers which stock up to the minute long sleeve tops, and the good news is that they won't always cost you the earth.

Take Aussie brand Showpo for example – not only does this online destination supply fashion-hungry young women with enough variety to choose from, but they have also created a loyal community by keeping their shoppers 'clued in' on their latest adventures.

What's clever about the fashion industry is the fact that trends keep on being reinvented for the future generation. Women's tastes in clothing vary so much, which is why there has to be constant updates in all categories of clothing, from tops and blazers, to skirts and trousers.

Gypsy style tops are extremely versatile as they can be worn on or off-the-shoulder, they can be cropped or full length, and the decorative details speak for themselves.

Lets look at 3 different ways you can wear long sleeve tops on a budget...

The Neo-Goth Chic:

Boho-chic can be interpreted to fit in with your own personality, and this is half the fun of playing dress up. So if you're a goth at heart, you can tailor a look that is dark and daring.

Team a sheer long sleeve top with a simple black bra worn underneath, then pair this with a layered black maxi skirt that features lots of lace and ruffles.

You should also feel free to load up on textured cuffs or festival bracelets, don your favourite plum-hue lipstick, and don't forget to wear chunky ankle boots underneath your maxi for a vampy look that's perfect for hitting the clubs.

The Bohemian Vibe:

If you prefer an approach that's a little lighter, this works well too. A slouchy white shirt with a contrasting blue print is ideal for ladies who love detailing, while a loose fitting wide sleeved gypsy tops air on the side of playful.

Team either one of these fun and flirty options with denim hot pants, or go for a midi skirt if you really want to accentuate your waist and create a balanced silhouette. Ever wanted to look like Sienna Miller when she's off duty? Well now you know how!

The 70's Hippy:

Sometimes when we follow a particular decade, it's impossible not to want to recreate certain aspects, especially in the case of 70's fashion.

If you're a fan of David Bowie in his Ziggy Stardust days, Jane Fonda's pussy-bow shirts, or Farrah Fawcett's blonde bangs, you can conjure your own style that is just as iconic with a few simple wardrobe additions.

A floral head band with loosely styled waves will give a nod to 'hippy hair', while colourful jewellery and layered clothing choices will add to your laid-back look. Let freedom be your muse, and watch onlookers react while you parade down the street with bohemian flair.

(Contributed by Emma)

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