How a Straight Smile Can Help Your Dental Hygiene

As you were going through pictures from the holidays, you noticed that one of the kids, or maybe even yourself, displayed a crooked tooth or entire row in the family photos. While you might be tempted to let this problem linger, a straight smile provides more than simply aesthetic appeal.

How a Straight Smile Can Help Your Dental Hygiene

Promoting Frequent Dental Visits
In many ways, the process is a cyclical one. You want straighter teeth, so you visit the dentist more frequently; you visit the dentist more frequently, so you end up with healthier teeth. Regular visits to the dentists aid you in the greatest defense against dental problems: prevention. When dental issues are noted early, you can take the necessary steps to eliminate them before they grow into larger and more serious problems.

Dental Problems When your care about keeping your teeth straight and healthy, you are also working against some common dental problems. For example, many people struggle with gum disease, frequent sores in the mouth or extensive bleeding when they simply brush their teeth. These problems can be mild or serious, but you don't need to deal with the agony of them when you work to take care of your teeth from early on.

Other Health Issues
As you envision taking better care of your teeth, you're also probably picturing a life free of gum disease. However, not only are you caring for your oral hygiene, but you are also taking steps to prevent the health of your entire body. Individuals who have poor dental hygiene also often find themselves combating conditions like heart disease or diabetes (Source: Coquitlam Centre Dental Clinic). The health of your teeth as a connection to your overall health, so a long and vigorous life is another reason you want to keep your teeth straight.

Easier to Clean
You might be tempted to still toss the idea of braces to the side for the foreseeable future because you aren't worried about these larger health issues yet. However, on a day-to-day basis, having straight teeth can make brushing and flossing easier. When you are able to do a better job cleaning your teeth, you are taking yet another step toward better dental health.

The benefits of straight teeth are both short and long term. You can work to make yourself look more appealing in the next family photo session, but you are also taking the necessary precautions to protect against fatal diseases that could arise from improper dental care.

Contributed by Lizzie Weakley

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