Coloured hair has become dull & lifeless – Reader’s Query

Reader's Query

Mitali asks:
I had recently coloured my hair with streaks at a beauty parlour. I do not intend doing it again, as my hair has become dull and lifeless. How can I repair the damage at home? I have shoulder-length hair.

Smitha replies:
Incompetent hair colourists use the wrong products or leave it for too long, leading to unsavoury effects. Always get your hair coloured at a reputed beauty salon.

To rectify the damage done to your hair do a hot oil massage with coconut oil or olive oil at least thrice a week! And before shampooing, nourish your hair with this wonderful DIY  hair and head mask by mixing four ripe mashed bananas mixed with two egg-whites beaten well. If you don’t have the time to do oil massage then add a spoonful of almond oil or olive oil in the hair mask. Apply on your scalp and hair. Leave it for half an hour. Shampoo with an appropriate product meant for damaged hair and as a last rinse, use a glass of strained weak tea-water boiled preferably with a few leaves of tulsi (holy basil) and add juice of one lemon to it.  Apply it well to your hair after a shampoo and leave for a few minutes before washing off with plain water. If you wish you may try some of other DIY hair rinses as well.This will give bounce to your hair. You might also find the posts Banana hair pack for dry hair, Tips for conditioning your hair, Homemade conditioners for all hair types and  A quick tip to make thin, lifeless hair look full-bodied very useful.

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  1. Try using head and shoulders dandruff relief, its works really well on greasy hair and dandruff


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