Platelet Rich Plasma for Skin Rejuvenation

Looking back from one point in our lives, we take joy in many of our memories. Unfortunately, we are often caught off guard when we look in the mirror and suddenly realize that we got older. Time inevitably passes, and we are facing different skin problems caused by drying (extreme heat or coldness), harmful ultra violet effect of the Sun, or poor genetics and the inability our your skin to resist the ravages of time. However, with constant progress in the field of the plastic surgery, we are now offered a wide range of solutions for all our problems.

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The concept of platelet rich plasma therapy
The skin on delicate areas becomes thinner as a result of aging. In addition, mature women have problems with sagging skin, wrinkles above and below the eyes and on the forehead etc. All body regions where the skin is thin are exposed. For instance, your hands have nice protective layer of natural grease which protects from skin damage. Unfortunately, moisturizers cannot protect them forever, and eventually you’ll be facing with things like fine lines, age spots and wrinkles. PRP therapy simply allows tissue regeneration process by using your own blood cells.

The importance of platelets
In order to help you dispel common prejudice, let’s emphasize the importance of platelets in a growth function of cell recovering. First of all, these blood cells are helping your wounds to heal by recruiting other cells to the injury spot. In this way, damaged or endangered tissue is regenerating with less effort. The main problem with aging is that skin cells lose their ability to regenerate quickly causing your skin to become thin and dry. Platelets are also increasing the collagen production which helps your skin to recover and stay young and beautiful in the long run. Besides, they assist in bone mineralization process, re-grow vascular system, induce other cell differentiation etc.

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How does the procedure look like
Don’t let the name scare you. We’re talking about relatively quick and gentle, almost routine procedure. It does not last longer than 45 minutes, and with steady hand of experienced surgeon, it’s pretty straightforward intervention. According to some patients, figuratively speaking, it was finished before it even started, claim plastic surgery Perth.  Preparation is simple. First the area which is going to be treated is cleaned, and after that topical numbing cream is applied to the area. A small amount of your blood is then taken in order to separate the plasma (rich with platelets) and once it’s activated, surgeons inject it in the critical area. Needless to say, the whole procedure is performed with strictly sterile and certified equipment.

Benefits of PRP therapy
You can plan in advance. Whether you want to treat only the region around your eyes, your cheeks or even the whole face, it’s equally effective and simple. The best part is that the downtime is no longer than two days with no side effects except a little swelling and redness perhaps. After only 2-3 weeks you will be able to witness the first results, visible improvements in skin’s tone and texture.
It’s easy, quick, painless, effective…you name it. New achievements in the field of plastic surgery work for you and now you can look as young as you feel. It has never been easier to stay young and full of confidence even in your sixties. Do not let your body fails to keep pace with the flight of your spirit.

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