5 Unique Ways to Ease Your Allergy Problems

Many individuals have one or more allergies that are chronic or seasonal. Everyone reacts to allergens differently with most people having mild symptoms that are unpleasant but not life threatening. Instead of using expensive prescription or over-the-counter medications to relieve allergy symptoms, try unique remedies that do not have side effects.

5 Unique Ways to Ease Your Allergy Problems
Relieve Unpleasant Allergy Symptoms
One: Hot Spices
Anyone with sinus congestion wants to relieve the pressure to stop the intense headache and malaise from allergies. A unique way to get mucus flowing through the sinuses is by consuming spicy foods that create an aroma in the sinus cavities. Make a meal that contains ground cayenne pepper, five-spice powder or minced jalapeno peppers to reduce congestion.

Two: Tea Bags Irritants floating in the air can cause puffiness around the eyes along with redness. To relieve eye allergy symptoms, purchase chamomile tea bags to soak in cool water. Several times a day, recline on a bed before placing a cool and damp chamomile tea bag on each closed eye to reduce swelling.

Three: Sublingual Medication When swallowing capsules is difficult for someone with an allergy, sublingual medication is the perfect solution. Suitable for all age groups, MyAllergyDrops.com is a custom-made product with U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved antigens that are mixed for patients after an allergy test. These drops are placed under the tongue of allergy sufferers for fast absorption into the body.

Four: Nasal Rinsing
For individuals with allergies to airborne substances such as pollen or pet dander, nasal rinsing is a great way to wash away debris that causes nasty symptoms. There are traditional methods for nasal washing such as a neti pot or specialized syringes. It is possible to buy store-bought solutions for nasal rinsing or recipes to make your own.

Five: Thyme Rinses
Itchy skin caused by allergies to substances makes life almost unbearable, but there are unique ways to relieve the symptoms. Buy fresh thyme at the grocery store to steep in boiling water for 20 minutes. Cool this herbal remedy solution completely to apply to your itchy skin with cotton balls to ease your uncomfortable allergy symptoms.

Reduce Allergy Symptoms without a Physician
A large percentage of the population worldwide has mild to moderate allergic responses such as sinus congestion, puffy eyes or itchy skin that do not require emergency treatment from a physician. Finding unique ways to reduce the symptoms of allergies is a great way to feel better quickly without medical treatment.

(Contributed by Lizzie Weakley)

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  1. If you know what is causing them to act up, try to stay away from that substance. Allergy shots may also help control allergy symptoms as well. Avoid yardwork (raking and mowing) which stirs up both pollen and mold. If you must do yardwork, wear a mask and take an antihistamine beforehand. Avoid smoking and/or inhaling secondhand smoke. Eliminate aersol sprays, perfumes, room deordorizers, cleaning products and etc. Keep your house as dust-free as possible. Consider using an air conditioner or air purifier with a HEPA filter.

  2. Medini3:45 PM

    Eating raw Garlic and Onions will provide relief as well. The more you use the faster the relief will come.


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