Winning the War against the Winter Skin Blues

We’ve all been there: just when we nail our summer skin routine, winter comes in and kicks it to the curb. The good news is—winter skincare practices are just as simple to adopt as our beloved summer ones. Read on for a few of my favorite tips and tricks for keeping my skin glowing (sans sun) during this frosty time of year.

1. Shake it off

Or scrub. Or Soak. Or however you choose to exfoliate dry skin, just make sure you do it. Dead skin cells prevent moisturizers from soaking in completely, and could ultimately lead to a vicious dry-skin cycle. Post-exfoliation, make sure to moisturize while your skin is damp—this ensures that the maximum amount of moisture is locked in.  Make sure to opt for a lotion that is low in alcohols (which will suck the life out of your skin) and high in humectant and antioxidants.

2. Liquid Gold

Water will forever be the solution to a medley of skin problems, from blemishes to dry patches, H2O works wonders. Although it may not be as easy to consume 8-ish glasses of water when it’s not sweltering hot, staying hydrated is still an absolute necessity. If you find yourself battling a persistent bout of winter-induced breakouts, consider sipping a vitamin and anti-oxidant rich concoction (like this one here) to help boost your skin’s defenses.

3. Lip Service

Keeping lips smooth can be a full time job in any season, but the dehydrating effects of cold weather are undeniable. In addition to loyally practicing the first two steps, make sure to apply a lip balm to help shield your pout from the elements. Whatever you do, avoid licking your lips at all costs—this is a one-way ticket to crêpe paper lip town.
4. A real Head-Scratcher

A dry, itchy scalp could possibly be the most irritating winter affliction since the runny nose. Keep shower time to a minimum and make sure that the temperature is a few degrees below boiling hot. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel here; anti-dandruff shampoos and conditioners exist for a reason (and are effective in most cases). If the flakes persist (and not the snowy ones) consider using an anti-fungal shampoo and conditioner. And please, go right ahead and put that blow dryer in time-out for the season—it does a dry scalp no favors.

5. Clear the Air
Crane Penguin humidifier

Dry air can zap the moisture out of your skin, even during our precious beauty-sleep hours. Combat this by using a humidifier—any type will do! Modern models (like the adorable one pictured above) are usually energy efficient and relatively quiet. Bonus benefit: you may find that a humidifier will make it easier to breathe if you’re a bit stuffed up!

This year, win the battle against winter skin—and let these tips be your guide! Do you have some life-saving skin tips of your own to share? Let us know in the comments below!

Contributed by Kimberly Brown

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