Ooze out your wild instinct with burlesque clothing

Whenever one dreams to have a sultry, sensuous, seductive, erotic and even seductive feminine look, the very first thing that comes to mind is the fashion of burlesque clothing. This art of clothing gives a woman a totally different look. One can go for such fashion in any sort of hard core night parties. Be it Halloween Night party, New Year eve, or whatsoever. It can also be worn at a striptease party and even at the fancy party wear. Every woman does fantasize to have an audacious and bold appeal through her dress. This sort of clothing has got no competition in fulfilling such fantasy.

Burlesque clothing
Although, today one can get such costume even if ordered online, this alluring attire have got a wide historic significant. Its existence can be found, mainly, during the Victorian age in England, where every women to be seen were covered from neck to toe with some grand voluminous attire. This outfit might be considered as a feminine protest in the world of fashion. The great hit show during 1860 by the troupe called “British Blondes” lead by Lydia Thomson also have a wide contribution in giving this genre of fashion a wide popularity. Keeping aside of all the negative reviews it also received based on its absence of virtuousness. The show had such publicity that its effect even reached to the other countries and continents, where this fashion was widely accepted.

Keeping aside of all the protests and negative aspects that this style have went through, one can say that nowadays this trend have transformed to a new height. It has got a raunchy and gorgeous appealing quality of its own. This style is a combined and comprehensive, all-inclusive one. There are a number of styles, which altogether makes burlesque clothing. The main aim of this attire is to emphasize a woman’s body and give an attractive look. As we speak of this art of clothing the very first thing that comes to mind is the raunchy corset. An exquisite and perfect corset enhances that hour glass look of a woman’s physique. With corset also comes the overwhelming bustle skirt. Like that of corset this also has got the enhancing effect but to that of the lower back. Although its design and shape has been copied from the Victorian age, a bustle skirt is shorter in height. May be up to the knee but even shorter. This is perfect for the striptease as one can easily skid out of it. With the corset and the bustle skirt also come the burlesque gloves stockings. With this, a long boot shoes, heavy makeup, with a dark usage of black kohl and red lipstick does wonders to the entire get up. A perfect hairdo is a must for this trend of fashion.  Mainly found in the passionate block red and black color, this attire can be of various qualities (satin, leather, velvet and many more). Of speaking about the number of attire include a burlesque fascinator and lingerie can never be ignored. Accessories are also very much important for this clothing style, for highlighting the tempting effect.

This kind of dress is very popular among today’s glamorous ladies. Every fashion magazine nowadays has a special edition for this sort of dressing. Reputed Hollywood actresses and pop stars (Madonna, Britney Spears and many others) can be seen wearing this attire every now and then in the parties and even during their stage performances. This costume is also very provocative one; this might be the reason why it is even worn by many club or bar dancers in the western world.

Burlesque clothing is a perfect trend for enhancing woman’s fantasy for having an alluring and intuitive look. In spite of ups and downs and negative criticism, this fashion has got a place of its own in today’s world.

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