5 All-Natural Energy Boosters

You have slept more than eight hours last night and yet, you feel as if you have spent that time in furniture fitting or heavily exercising. Feeling tired, you most probably cannot run your daily errands in an effective way. You are nervous and anxious, you have numerous tasks and business meetings, and, of course, you need to make sure that your children are driven to and back from school. How does one cope with so many things? The answer is quite simple – you need to somehow boost your energy. And we all know the most popular ways to do this – coffee, chocolate, energy drinks. But are they good for our health? No, not at all. This is why it is my very own pleasure to offer you some all-natural energizers that will certainly keep you wide awake throughout the day.

· Foods
The first thing we resort to, when we are looking for ways to deal with our fatigue, is food. And we most often opt for all kinds of things that contain high levels of sugar. Dear readers, you need to know that you have way healthier options. Contrary to general opinion, those types of foods will worsen your tiredness and make your day even more unbearable. So you can switch your daily portion of chocolate for an apple or two. But why apples, you would ask? They are rich in anti-oxidants, fibres, vitamin C, and many other energy boosters and blood sugar stabilizers. Kiwi is another type of food that is particularly suitable for fighting fatigue. Similarly to apples, it contains considerable quantity of vitamin C, fibres, as well as potassium.


· Drinks
If you think coffee is the best possible energizer, you need to know that it has a healthier alternative – green tea. It will not only rid you of the annoying feeling of tiredness, but it is also extremely good for you health. That is, green tea contains not only antioxidants, but also special compounds that reduce the risk of terrible diseases and contributes to weight loss. So, a cup of this magic drink will not only help you cope with your fatigue, but will also to stay fit.

· Posture
Upright posture is everything! Try to shift your position every once in a while. What is more, avoid sitting with your shoulders and neck bent forward. This might affect some important arteries and, therefore, hamper the blood flow to the brain, which inevitably results in an overall feeling of tiredness.

· Proper Breathing
Yes, inhaling and exhaling in the right way might also help you fight fatigue. Dr. Laurel Clark from the School of Metaphysics suggests that every busy person needs to try the following breathing technique – close your eyes and concentrate on your breath, inhale slowly, hold for three seconds, tensing your muscles, and then exhale just as slowly, relaxing your muscles. Repeat the exercise for as many times as you feel needed. You will certainly feel freshened up.

· Enjoy the Sun
Closed spaces make us moody and contribute to our fatigue additionally. This is why I highly recommend that you use your lunch break to spend some time outside. I guarantee that after twenty minutes in the sun, there will be no trace left of your bad mood and exhaustion.

bright sun

These were several tips on how to boost your energy in an utterly natural manner. Spend more time with family and friends or doing the things you enjoy most, do not skip meals, and make sure that you live a healthy life. Thus, you will most certainly reduce stress and the feeling of fatigue. And one final piece of advice, try to provide yourself with a clean and neat domestic and work environment. Hygiene might not seem relevant to the problem I have commented on above, but it is an indisputably important aspect of our lives and health, in particular.

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