Budget-friendly updates for your wardrobe

So, the end of another year is just around the corner, and you decided that you will change something in the year that comes. You are going to be more responsible, to work out more, to save some money…

These are common New Year’s resolutions among all of us, but somewhere along the way we decide that we would really like to be glamorous and look good too.

Buying new clothes is something all of us enjoy, but we really should save some money too… Problem? Not anymore!

Here are a few tips on how to renew your wardrobe and be stylish and still stay on the budget.

Budget-friendly updates for your wardrobe


You don’t have to renew your wardrobe every season. You can just as easily add accessories which will change the way other see your clothes and accentuate parts of your outfit you are most proud of.

Hats are retro but they are making a comeback; baseball cap, straw hat or a fedora –these will always draw everyone’s attention to you.

Add colourful scarves, trendy bags, unusual jewellery and animal print shoes to your wardrobe and choose some of these items to ‘spice up’ your outfit.

Use old clothes in a new way

It is easy to make stylish new accessories out of your old clothes if you know how. Use old T-shirts to make infinity scarves and headbands and old sweaters to make fashionable skirt and leg warmers.

The Internet is full of tutorials on how to make your old clothes look new, and all you need is a bit of skill and some patience. You can save a lot of money by doing this, and you already have your favourite colours and styles to choose from.

Shop out of season

If you decide to buy something out of season, it is likely that you will make good deals and pay less. Stores need room for new clothes and they will lower the price of spring and summer items in the fall, and fall and winter items when spring comes.

Winter jackets and coats will be cheap in March and April, and the time for swimwear sale is in the fall.

Don’t follow fashion trends

Another good plan that many women are starting to live by is ‘buy classic clothes and accessorize for trends’. One of the best ways to invest in your wardrobe is to buy ‘timeless’ pieces of clothes which you can dress up or down by adding different accessories and layers.

Trendy pieces of clothes which you will wear a few times and then be forced to throw in the back of your wardrobe may look good for a season, but a little black dress with a good necklace and fashionable shoes looks much better.

It may be fun to buy pretty clothes on impulse, but trends change and you might regret buying something expensive just because it was fashionable for one season. Choose classic and think in advance, details are just as important for your outfit and they will help you be stylish with no effort at all.

Contributed by Sophie Anderson

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