5 Trends you need to follow now

So winter is finally here and we are pretty excited about it. Why? Its winter people, Christmas, New Year, hot cocoa, bonfires and all those comfy and cozy winter wears. Do you still need more reasons to love this season? However long it took Mother Nature to finally blow some cold wind, it is here and we are all up for some trendy winter vogue. The trends indicate there are all kinds of layering to experiment with every day. If we talk about the runways which have already done their work in bringing us the trends for fall/winter 2014/15 there was almost everything from leather to fur, bold prints to warm colors, all woolen to sequined sparkle; the runways offered everything. However, when it comes to following all that the fashion shows have to offer, not everyone can wear everything. There are still some trends that we can gladly embrace and bring them into our everyday clothing.

Here are some of the latest trends that you have to follow now and seize the fashion game.

1. Slouchy Sweater, For the Win!

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Good news for those who want their layers to be super comfy and cozy—Slouchy Sweaters are back in fashion. This easy peasy way of dressing up in the cold weather has been spotted on celebrities and in various street styles of fashion weeks, so we know how we are wearing our sweaters this season. Either pull up a casual tee shirt look layered with a slouchy sweater, your favorite pair of skinny jeans and booties. The best thing is the slouchy trend can be worn semi-formally or formally with a bit of detailing on your sweater paired with leather pants, long boots and some bold red on your lips.

2. Layer over Layer:

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For people who catch the cold easily or for people who love layering, there’s a little extra this year. You can play with all kinds of layers at once. A pull over sweater, layered with a leather jacket which too is a layered with a fur vest are enough to have us drooling. You can play with layers, colors and prints together, with a striped top, layered with a bright colored pullover and to add more perfection layer it further with a black coat having some furry details on it.

3. Keep your scarf big:

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So yes, there will be all kinds of scarves printed, plain, woolen, knitted, and jeweled and they will mostly be big. Blanket scarves graced the runways this year and right after that we saw them taking over the fashion scene. Celebrities like Olivia Palermo, Sarah Jessica Parker and Cara Delevingne were all seen draped in huge scarves. It simply transforms any of your outfits and adds panache to it. Wrap it around or cinch it at the waist with a simple belt.

4. Play it up with Plaids:

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One can never go wrong with plaids and this season the fashion geniuses have taken notes from Clueless. Plaid tops, plaid sweaters, plaid skirts, plaid coats, plaid pants and…. Well, there’s something plaids in almost everything. A coat dress in this always-in-style print or to add some vivacity to a plain outfit, plaid pants will always do the trick. Just don’t overdo it, as that might get a little too much of those squares lines and rectangles.

5. Blush Plush:

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Quick Tip: To keep up with the trends, get a coat or two in blush hues. There was a whole collection this year filled with powdery blush shades, all kinds of them. If you want to stay one step ahead, get your hands on capes and coats in some adorable blush shades. Although usually warm and dark colors in winter are what people wear, but the trends are changing and they say, all hails light colors.

These 5 major trends will never fail you when you wish to keep up with the cold and follow the trends at the same time. So go ahead, wear all you want and always stay fabulous.

(Contributed by Megan)

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