Best of 2014

How fast the time flies! It feels like I posted a best post roundup of the year 2013 just a few days ago. But no, a whole year has passed by since then! And yes, I did not stick to my resolution of posting more articles this year. I did mostly rely on guest posts and some of them were really good. So without much ado, I'm presenting a list of posts from the year 2014 which I really liked as well as some of the posts which became popular.

Best of 2014

From Bad to Fab: 5 Great Quick Fixes for a Bad Hair Day

Buy the Right Hair Dryer for Your Hairstyle

Male Hairstyles: Top 10 Cool Trends For 2014

Why isn't my daughter’s hair long? - Reader's Query

4 Tips to Add Volume and Shine to Your Hair in the Cold

DIY beauty
5 Things to Remember When Making DIY Beauty Products

Bhindi-Jeera (Okra-Cumin) Lepa for radiant complexion

Face Packs for Glowing Skin

Home Remedies
Home Remedies for Chikungunya

Constipation During Pregnancy - Home Remedies

Top Home Remedies after a Miscarriage

Carrot - Health Benefits & Home Remedies

Skin Care
Beat Stretch Marks With This Treatment and Prevention Guide!

Natural Oils That Can Help You Delay the Onset of Wrinkles

Winning the War against the Winter Skin Blues

5 Best Beauty Apps That'll Help You Look Your Best

Maybe Your Lifestyle is to Blame for your Skin Problems!

Shed Those Holiday Pounds With These 6 Workouts

Fashion Options to Flatter Plus-Size Figures

Six Celebrity Beauty Tricks You Can Use Yourself

Emergency: How to Fix Wardrobe Malfunctions and Other Fashion Disasters

Health, Personal growth etc.
Wake Up Refreshed–Start the day positively
Dental Care for the Elderly

The Art of Making Conversation

Dieting: Common Myths and Facts

Why I won't use products that contain exfoliating beads

Drinking tea can cause the skin to darken - Myth

Are headaches in early pregnancy a sign of miscarriage?

Nail Care
Beautiful Cuticles Are Just 6 Steps Away

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