Foot Care: How to Prevent Foot Pain

Approximately two million Americans receive treatment for foot pain each year. It comes as little surprise. After all, many people spend entire work days on their feet. However, numerous other factors can also influence your likelihood of suffering from foot pain, such as ill-fitting shoes, bad posture and poor workout practices. All it takes is one minor injury for foot pain to disrupt your daily life. Fortunately, there are many ways you can avoid this.

Foot Care How to Prevent Foot Pain
Take Measurements
According to Dalhousie Station Foot Clinic, improperly sized shoes are believed to be the most common cause of foot pain and injury. As you get older, your feet become slightly larger, which means that you'll have to adjust your shoe size throughout your life. While standing up, measure the length and width of your feet to gauge your ideal shoe size. If you often suffer from swollen feet, you should perform these measurements under that circumstance to account for it.

It's also important to wear the correct shoes for your activity. Use walking shoes for work or going for a walk. When you run or jog, use running shoes. For hiking, use hiking boots as they help support your ankles. If you have flat feet, you may benefit greatly from wearing shoes with built-in arch supports. Regardless of the type of shoe you buy, there should always be half of an inch of free space between the end of your shoe and the tip of your big toe.

Mix up Your Activities
Walking, jogging and running are hard on your feet, and if that's the only exercise you do, you're never giving them time to recover. For this reason, experts recommend mixing up your fitness routine to include low-impact forms of exercise. This can include things like bicycling, swimming or using an elliptical trainer. If these aren't options for you, it's important to take a day off in between your high-impact activities to give your feet time to heal.

Natural Pain Relief
If foot pain is already bothering you, consider using a capsaicin-containing muscle rub to help it go away. Capsaicin is the active constituent of hot peppers, and it has incredible pain-relieving properties. Simply rub it on as you would any other cream. Be sure to wash your hands well afterward as it can be painful if you get it in your eyes, nose or mouth.

Foot pain can take over your life and put a damper on your ability to enjoy yourself. Furthermore, preventing foot pain is often much easier than needing to treat it after it has become a problem. Try working these tips into your everyday routine and enjoy a life free from foot pain.

(Contributed by Lizzie Weakley)

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  1. Research has found that a combination of proper exercises and arch support by wearing orthotic insoles can provide effective relief for plantar fasciitis.


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