Foggy Spectacles

Many spectacle wearers feel that glasses mar their looks and switch to contact lenses or go in for Lasik to get rid of glasses altogether. While contact lenses definitely provide a more superior vision than glasses, they are not very comfortable to do close work like reading, knitting, sewing or working on the computer. On the other hand, Lasik has its share of after-effects like dry eyes, poor night vision, halos and such. Now I'm not exactly extolling the virtues of glasses over contact lenses or Lasik, but I would like to point out that glasses aren't that bad as they are made out to be and provided the frames you choose suit your face, you can look great in glasses too. Do take a look at these hilarious ads on how glasses may transform / enhance your personality.

reading with glasses knitting with glasses working on computer with glasses
Glasses are more comfortable than contact lenses while doing close work.

Now one drawback that frustrates most bespectacled persons to no end is that of foggy or steamed-up lenses.  This normally happens when lenses are colder or warmer than the air around them.  It occurs when you are out on a cold , humid day, after a workout when you are hot and sweating, after slaving over a hot stove in the kitchen or when you enter or leave an A/C room suddenly.
cloudy lenses of spectacles

To avoid the inconvenience of foggy or cloudy lenses, the  use of anti-fogging solutions such as this may help, though they work only for a few hours. These are not very expensive and usually come in a portable pump spray bottle. You have to spray the liquid on both sides of the lenses to coat them, then allow it to dry. And you may have to reapply as needed.  Or else you may try anti-fog pre-moistened lens cleaning tissues such as this.

DeFog it
Clarity Defog It Care Kit 5mL concentrate and microfiber cloth 

You can also try special spectacles that don't get steamed up in any weather conditions. These lenses called "Optifog" have been designed by the French firm Essilor and are priced from around 200 pounds depending on type and prescription, and are available in single vision, varifocal and sun-lens forms.These are coated with a material that is extra-attractive to water. It becomes an invisible film rather than fog when condensation gathers, leaving the lenses clear.These new glasses will be of most benefit to cooks, sports enthusiasts such as runners and cyclists, and medics who wear face masks, say the researchers at Essilor. However, the lenses need to be sprayed with a special solution called the "Optifog Activator" every week to keep the the fog-repellent surface working. The solution costs about 5 pounds a bottle and around four will be needed for the two-year lifetime of the lenses.


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  1. The best way to clean these types of lenses is to use a "Micro Fibre cleaning cloth" which you can buy very cheaply at most general stores such as walmart, K mart etc.

  2. sanjeev3:05 PM

    It is best to clean the lenses first in warm soapy water, Just dunk you spectacles in to the sink of warm soapy water when you have had a wash in the morning. Then dry and clean the lenses with the Micro fibre cloth. (do Not use Liquid soaps as these usually contain silicone which will build up on the lenses and make them even worse ;-) )


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