Mission Maquillage: Finding the Right Makeup for Your Dress

When going to a formal event, it is usually the dress women plan first as that’s where other details will depend, such as the shoes and accessories. But once ensemble is complete, women move on to the next crucial step of looking red carpet-worthy—the makeup.

Luckily for you, the Internet has plenty of tutorials that can help you achieve a look you once thought is only possible for models. Gone are the days when women simply reach for their makeup kit and paint their face with whatever is available. In this guide, we give you six essential colors of dresses and the perfect makeup to go with them.
right makeup
1. Black
A classic favorite among evening gown choices, the black dress is one of the few colors that look great with any skin tone. Black exudes sophistication, making the accessories and makeup that you wear look elegant instantly. However, the amount of makeup you’ll wear should depend on whether the event is going to be held during the day or at night.

If the party you’re attending is happening while the sun is still up, go for neutral to golden shades of eye shadow, black eyeliner, light bronzer, and a nude lipstick. This also applies if your dress is made of lush fabrics such as silk. But if you’re going to an evening shindig, indulge yourself to bold colors such as red lipstick and smoky eye makeup.

2. Pastels
A perfect outfit for sunny days or if you’re simply feeling summer, dressing in pastel colors can help you brighten any room you walk into. Pastel-colored dresses work best with light makeup, especially if it’s a young and innocent look that you’re going for. While you don’t necessarily have to match your makeup with the color of your dress, you can play with the lighter shades in your palette. Go with soft pinks, corals, and lilacs. You can also wear pastel blush on your cheeks and finish off with a subtle shade of pink or nude lipstick.

3. Neutrals
Dresses in earth tones make it easier for you to blend in with a room full of people clad in colorful dresses. They also look great with practically every shade in your makeup palette, because the colors will pop out when matched with a neutral dress.

If you want a neat and understated look, you can go for the no makeup look which involves natural colors that complement your skin tone, from the tinted lotion, concealer, eye shadow, and lipstick. But if you want to balance the color of your dress with some color, make your lips stand out by painting it red or orange.

4. Red
Red evening dresses may be considered a classic, but for you to pull it off well, you need to match it with minimal makeup. It’s not hard to get people’s attention when you wear a dress of this color, but you wouldn’t want to assault their senses by overdoing your face.

Red dresses go well with neutral makeup. However, instead of using a light-colored lipstick, you can indulge yourself by matching your dress with your lips. If you want to project a more youthful vibe, on the other hand, use a soft pink lipstick instead.

5. Metallic
Metallic dresses aren’t for everyone, but if you’re one of those who look great in them, you would know that it’s crucial that you wear it with the right kind and amount of makeup. You can match your makeup with your dress as long as you don’t overdo the glitter. A shimmery neutral palette and a glossy lipstick will complement your outfit well. Play with bronze, gold, and champagne for your eyes and cheeks, then use darker shades of red for your lips.

6. White
Ethereal is one of the first things that come to mind when describing the aura of a lady dressed in a white evening dress. Just like with black, any makeup would go well with a white dress, but the kind you’ll wear should nevertheless depend on the occasion.

If it’s a wedding you’re going to, it’s best to go with nude colors and a pink or peach lipstick. Partying in a white dress will require you to wear fierce colors and textures such as shimmer and dark reds for your lips. Lastly, if you’re wearing your white outfit to the office, exude authority by using a lipstick in shades of brown. Take it easy on the eye shadow by going neutral on your eyes and cheeks with shades of bronze.

There is practically an ideal look for every dress, so don’t hesitate to experiment with your looks before the big day. Just make sure that the makeup you’re using is of a quality brand so that you won’t compromise your skin just to pull off the style you’re going for.

- By Sheila Frye

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