Emergency: How to Fix Wardrobe Malfunctions and Other Fashion Disasters

Night on the town with your closest friends? You’ve got to be prepared for anything. Purse? Check. Plans for the whole evening? Check. Ride home? Check. But what if the worst happens? Of all the things, you get a wardrobe malfunction? Here are some ways to fix and avoid these fashion disasters.

wardrobe malfunction

Fixing your Formal Dress

You’re Covered in Lint from Your Jacket!

On your trip to wherever you were going, it’s not unusual to bring along a light jacket to keep yourself warm.

But as you’re stepping out of your ride, you realize that your jacket (or your cat, or maybe even your significant other) has left noticeable specks of lint or fur on your dress!

This can be easily fixed with anything adhesive, like tape or sticker paper. Use it to lift those specks off your dress without furiously patting yourself down.

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A Torn Hem or Broken Seam!

A torn hem or broken seam can be fixed in a number of ways, depending on what you bring around in your purse. One way to be at the top of your game is to bring around a travel sized sewing kit. Having a needle and thread (such as this) on hand can fix nearly anything that’s torn, at least for the rest of the evening.

If you aren’t good at sewing, you can always stash a few safety pins or even double-sided tape such as this in your bag for a quicker, but less secure, fix.

You can avoid torn hems and broken seams by making sure your dress fits you well. Dresses that are too long are just accidents waiting to happen. Have yourself measured and alter your dress accordingly.

If some seams look weak, have them reinforced, but don’t make it an excuse to force yourself into a dress that doesn’t fit.

There’s a Stain on your Dress!

One of the worst things that can happen to you when going out is to spill something on your formal dress, and create a huge, obnoxious stain. First; don’t panic.

Depending on whatever was spilled on you, and the cloth that your dress is made of, there are different ways to lift the stain out. Make sure you know what kind of dress you have so you know how to deal with these stains appropriately.

For example, a food stain on a silk dress can be cleaned with detergent and hot water.

You can avoid stains by making sure to place your napkin on your lap like you’re supposed to, and by being careful.

But accidents happen, so the best way to deal with stains is to be prepared for anything, like by bringing a detergent pen such as this or stain removal wipes such as this in your bag at all times and knowing where the nearest bathroom is.

women worried about wardrobe malfunction or fashion disaster

Dealing with Your Footwear

Your Heel Broke!

You’re having the time of your life and suddenly you fall to the floor. You turn around and see to your horror that the heel of your beloved right shoe has broken right off. This is a hard one to fix because it requires some heavy duty work.

But if you’ve got Shoe Goo or any other strong adhesive, it can save you for the night. If you’re really desperate, you can even use duct tape. It isn’t meant to fix your shoe forever, but it’ll fix it until your Cinderella hours are over.

Make sure to have it repaired at a real cobbler so it’ll last more nights out on the town, and watch your step.

Making up for Makeup

Your Makeup Has Smudged!

Your friend told a joke so funny that you started to tear up. Suddenly your friend points at your face and says “Your makeup is running!” You get to the bathroom and see that your eyeliner has started to streak.

What do you do? With tissue and a little precision, nearly any makeup mishap can be fixed. But it pays to always keep a makeup kit in your bag. Whenever you go out, bring at least the basics: lipstick, pressed powder, blotting sheets and tissue.

If you have heavy eye makeup, bring mascara, eyeliner and cotton buds for touch ups. If you have acne or blemishes you want to keep covered, bring concealer. What you bring depends on the makeup you’re wearing.

You can avoid messy makeup by making sure your face is primed so it lasts longer. Obviously you're going to need to touch up every once in a while, but making sure it goes on well can give you the reassurance to party on without worrying about your lipstick getting on your teeth.

Doing the Hair-do

Your Hairdo Has Been Destroyed!

Imagine you’re walking with your girls, and one of them trips and grabs onto the nearest thing for support. Unfortunately, the nearest thing is you, and what she grabs is your painstakingly prepared hair, similar to Jennifer Lawrence’s Oscar fall. Luckily for her date, her hair wasn’t ruined.

But if you have a fancy hairstyle, it doesn’t hurt to keep a kit of bobby pins, travel hairspray and a comb with you. You may not make it as perfect as it was when you left the house, but what’s important is that it at least looks good in photos, right?

Final Note

Anything can happen when you go out to have some fun, so it’s always a good idea to be a Girl Scout and be prepared. However, don’t let thoughts of fashion disasters and wardrobe malfunctions get you down.

With enough resourcefulness and a supportive group of friends, you can get through anything a crazy night can throw at you.

By Sheila Frye

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