Say “I Do” to Gorgeous Skin on Your Wedding Day

Generally weddings are quite stressful especially for a bride-to-be. At the cost of sounding like a pessimist, sometimes, the bride witnesses pimple outbreaks or puffy eyes as a result of sleepless nights and distress.

However, the good news is that you don’t have to go through a bad skin day especially not on your wedding day. Of course, you have to take care of your skin on regular days too, but, ever more care of your skin should be taken in the pre-wedding days.
Ideally you should start following pre-wedding skincare tips 3 to 5 months prior to your big day!
Consider the following bride skincare tips for an impeccable skin on your wedding day.


Tip#1 Drink plenty of water

I believe, I am repeating an age old adage that must have come to your ears long time ago from your grandma. But it’s true and it works. Drinking water is undoubtedly the best skincare technique that involves no cost and shows remarkable results in your skin. Water intake helps in releasing harmful toxins from your body.

Tip#2 Use Eye Creams
Are you fed up of using beauty concealers to hide your dark spots? If yes, then start using effective eye creams that has light diffusers such as Dermology’s clinically tested eye cream ingredients that help in eliminating dark spots, puffiness and wrinkles of the skin around the eyes.

Tip#3 Take an appointment with a Skin Specialist
As a bride-to-be you should not leave out any corners for skin enhancement. If you are not a skin specialist yourself then you should have a chat with a professional skin expert to know how to treat your skin correctly. There are many effective treatments available that your skin specialist can guide you with. Take an appointment well in advance though.

Tip#4 Gear up Your Exercise Regime

Studies have shown that stress results into acne. Surely, you don’t want that acne on your face on your D-day! The best way to gear up your metabolism is exercise. Perhaps yoga or a brisk walk in the park should be good for your skin.

Tip#5 Use Non-toxic skin creams
There are so many skincare products available in the market, and, you are not to be blamed for getting lost. Some experienced users of such products reckon using dermology’s skincare products that claim to be natural and free from harmful toxic ingredients.

Tip#6 Keep your Make-up Brushes Clean
This is a very rudimentary level of tip that needs to given attention to. Remember, these brushes are a tool that gives colors to your face, and, so it becomes essential to keep them clean for the colors to shine.

Tip#7 Use a Dark Lip Color
Many makeup artists prefer using dark lip color than a lighter color. Light colors are good but the only problem with them is that the bride looks really dull in photos contrary to dark lip colors where the bride looks lively and cheerful.

Tip#8 Nail down the Right Foundation
Your choice of foundation can either make or mar your day. Not choosing the right shade of foundation you run the risk of looking ghost-like. So choose the shade that matches your skin tone. Make sure to try different shades before selecting the right shade. If needed, take an opinion of an expert.

Tip#9 Remember to Synchronize the Makeup with your Dress Color
Ideally your eye shadow application should go well with the color of your dress. Of course, avoid experimenting anything at the last stage. If you’re likely to wear those warm colored dresses such as pink and white then stick to conservative black eye shadow. Again, if needed, take an opinion.

Tip#10 Identify a Look
Before starting to apply the makeup, just be sure of the kind of look you are aiming for on your wedding day. It is imperative that your bridal gown, makeup and hair complement each other to get a particular look that you fancy. You can take an expert’s opinion for inspiration!

The key to having a radiant and glowing skin on your wedding day is to be confident and cheerful. Try everything that one does to have a wonderful skin, but, be wise in choosing your tips. The techniques that you employ should not back fire your goal of flawless skin. Remember, if in doubt, always visit a dermatologist who could help you plan pre-wedding skincare routine.

Author Bio:
Melissa Mellie is a proud mother and passionate in writing about different skin conditions and skincare. She contributes at which is a famous line of skin care products. She loves to share her self-tested skincare tips and reviews on various skincare products with her readers through many skincare blogs.

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