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Shopping for clothes and accessories is fun — and to some extent, quite therapeutic. Unfortunately, the fun tends to get overshadowed by a looming (or ballooning) credit card bill. And yet, when you look in your closet for something to wear to that gala event, that business lunch, or that super exclusive book reading in the desert, you can hardly get a few decent pieces together. Clearly, a change has to be made.


With all of the time and the money you spend on shopping, you need to know you’re getting somewhere good (and fashionable) with your choices. The best way to guarantee this is to hire a personal stylist. Dubai, although largely traditional, is one of the more fashionable spots in the world.

With an international community, the presence of luxury fashion brands, and on-trend reports, you need to be well dressed wherever, whenever. The perfect personal stylist will not only see to that but also guarantee that your style complements your personality and suits your needs (i.e., personal styling for rebranding yourself in a different career).


When choosing a personal stylist, look into their background and their reputation. The best personal stylists will, naturally, be recognised and may have even been featured in fashion magazines such as InStyle and Grazia, and other lifestyle titles in Dubai. They may also have created an empire out of their career by publishing books and adding other services, like personal stylist training, to their business. This level of career indicates that the personal stylist has not only achieved a phenomenal reputation but also continues to evolve.

Aside from considering the stylist’s background and reputation, you may also want to find out about her thoughts or philosophies on styling. How does she approach a personal styling session? What would be her goal for certain clients? It is important to share some of your stylist’s thoughts on clothes and fashion because, naturally, you’ll want to get along with your stylist. Otherwise, you will find yourself disagreeing and butting heads with a professional whom you’ve hired to help you.

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Then consider the services offered. Are they suitable for your needs or are they limiting? Some personal stylists may only provide packages that are then spread out over several sessions. Others only offer personal shopping and nothing else. What if you only need a couple of hours of professional help so you can look smashing for that business magazine interview or a wedding? What if you can’t afford to shop for new clothes but want a stylist’s eye in maximising your wardrobe?

The ideal fashion stylist in Dubai will offer flexibility, in terms of services and rates. So make sure you have several options for services, and a choice between several sessions and one-time sessions of personal styling.

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