Stepping up to Straighter Posture

We’ve all been told since middle school that we need to sit up straight, pull our shoulders back, stop slouching. It’s shown that good posture has a positive effect on overall health, both physical and emotional (posture can both reflect and affect confidence).

correct posture
If you’re trying to improve your posture, constantly straightening up in your chair only goes so far. You have to change your habits, be constantly aware, and make a conscious effort. There are lots of ways you can train your body to sit and stand straighter, from sitting on exercise balls, regularly participating in yoga, and walking daily for at least half an hour.

yoga for good posture

What you wear can really affect your posture as well. If you usually carry a load, switching to a cross-body purse or bag can help evenly distribute weight across your body. Even how you wear your hair can decide how much pressure you put on your neck and either stress or relieve stress from your spine.
Of course, the fashion accessory that most strongly impacts your posture is your shoes. How you walk directly influences your spine structure. There have been shoes claiming to help you tone, build calf muscles and all sorts of other fitness feats. But in truth, the most important aspects of shoes when it comes to posture are support and balance.

Flip flops have become the ultimate sandal, dressing feet year round in offices, churches, and many other places besides their original beach destination. Since most flip flops are flat and don’t have any staps to secure them to your feet, they do tend to change your gait and cause you to clench your toes to keep the shoe attached to your foot.

If you love flip flops like I do (I have at least 8 pairs), giving them up does not sound desirable. But since having proper arch support is important for your posture, look into purchasing pairs with that support. Also look into replacing some of your flip flops with more supportive sandals with some height and straps on them. Skechers’ real deal line has some great pairs, like the “rasta” pair below. The Chuck Taylor Gladiator Thong Sandal doesn’t have the same arch support, but for flip flop lovers, it has the same toe, with more heel support.
Skechers Women's REAL DEAL RASTA Sandal
Image Source: Famous Footwear
Converse Women's Chuck Taylor All Star Gladiator Thong Sandal
Image source:

A lot of us women love our heels, and let’s face it, they help us look great. There are some theories that heels cause you to stand up straighter, which can be true in the short term. But they also cause you to arch your back unnaturally. Fear not, you don’t need to give up heels. Just make sure your “every day” heels that you wear often are in the 2-3 inch range, not taller. This will help you get the extra height and balancing benefits without the detriments of taller pairs.

Your posture is important for how you portray yourself to the world. It also impacts your long term health. So when you make your fashion choices, keep the effects on your posture in mind.

What are your favorite posture-friendly shoes?

- By Chrissy Chalmers

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  1. Medini5:10 PM

    To avoid a hunched/slouched back you must keep your shoulders straight and steady by engaging your chest up. A bulging belly is suggestive of an unattractive posture so do tuck your tummy in.

  2. Manasa5:13 PM

    do this
    Hip Flexors - Stretching
    Abs - Strengthening
    Lower back muscles - Stretching
    Hamstrings - Strengthen

  3. Mamata5:14 PM

    Do hip flexor stretches, lower back muscle stretch 2-3 times a day
    And do hamstring strengthing exercises once a day.
    Abs once or twice a day depending on your core strength.

  4. Sonaxi5:17 PM

    always sit up strait it will be annoying at frist trust me im stil at that part and walk/sit with shoulders back chest a little bit forward (not really forward) and kind of tuck in your lower back. thats what i've been doing

  5. Narmada5:19 PM

    Join ballroom dancing. They do a good job with posture usually


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