Tech Couture: Making Technology Fashionable

If you're a fashionista with your own sense of style who wouldn't be caught dead in anything basic and boring, why should your technology be any different? If you carry your smartphone or tablet everywhere you go, you deserve to have the hottest fashions on your tech accessories, too. Technology provides new blank canvases for you to decorate, and your devices can be stand-out fashion pieces on their own. Accessorizing is all about balance.

Cell Phone Cases
Technologically savvy trendsetters who don't go anywhere without their Blackberry phones from T-Mobile or Verizon smartphones can use their devices to help show off their fashion senses to the world. Girly girls who love bling can get their fixes with cases covered in crystals, suggests Fast Company; those with eclectic tastes can change their looks as fast as they change their socks. From classic solid wood to amusing cartoon characters, you can find a phone case to fit any mood or occasion.

Fashion designer Jay McCarroll used colorful headphones as accessories in his 2005 Bryant Park runway show, and rapper Dr. Dre blinged out athletes at the 2012 Olympics with his Beats by Dr. Dre headphones. Stylish headphones are big business, and there's no excuse for wearing those plain white earbuds. If you're looking for something fashionable and substantial, Dre's Beats headphones make a statement, with a variety of color choices for the large ear coverers. For something more subtle yet stylish, the IDEA Micro Gem headphones contain a whisper-thin headband and jewel-like balls that fit into your ears and look like earrings, reports iVillage.

Laptop and Net-book Decorations
People decorate their laptops and other small computers with everything from band stickers to business decals, but there are ways to make your laptop look more high-fashion than high school art project. Laptop skins come in any design you can think of; from reproductions of classic art to vacation scenery and sports teams. Skins are relatively inexpensive and removable, so amass a collection and change your computer's look as often as you change your own. If you're looking for a more permanent look, have the case covered in crystals in a custom design, or go old-school retro with a wooden case.

Laptop Bags
Even if you don't care to decorate your phone or use skins on your netbook, the laptop bag is a classic fashion accessory for anyone using technology today. Since you have to carry your laptop in something, make it look good, as well as useful. Many fashion labels are making laptop bags, too, from Kate Spade to Coach. Match your handbag, or change it up and match your outfit. Go fun and inexpensive, and collect fun canvas bags in a rainbow of colors, or go for something more substantial in a distressed leather for that faux professor look.

What's your favorite fashionable technology accessory? Share it in the comments.

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