Make Up Bag Essentials Summer 2013

As women, most of us struggle to leave the house without our makeup bag being kitted out with absolutely everything and anything we may need during the day, and whilst we would realistically love a backpack-sized makeup bag, it’s sometimes just not practical! So here is a guide to a few summer essentials which can fit with ease into your handbag.

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Sun Cream
Sun cream is an essential in any makeup bag, and the great thing is that many moisturisers nowadays come with added SPF. It’s great to have on hand, even on cloudy days, as dangerous sun rays can still pass through. Aim for SPF 15 or higher, and if you can find a suncream and moisturzier combined, all the better!

Hand Cream
Hand cream is another essential. As the weather warms, it’s a great idea to keep your hands hydrated throughout the day. Soap and Glory’s ‘Hand Food’ not only smells amazing, but is also extremely hydrating, and lasts throughout the day.


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Lip gloss and lip balm are two essential items we carry at all times of the year, however during the summer, you may find yourself needing to touch up a little bit more. Lip gloss is perfect for a pop of summer colour, and lip balm is great for wearing underneath to keep your lips hydrated, especially if you’re spending a day at the beach!


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Eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara are always great to have on you, but sometimes all you need is great mascara! A summer essential would be waterproof mascara, to prevent any perspiration smudging your voluminous lashes. A recommendation would be for Maybelline’s “Lash Discovery” – its tiny brush stops lashes from clumping, meaning your eyelashes don’t feel so heavy on sunny days!

Other Essential Items
It’s always handy to keep some ear buds / Q tips with you, to wipe away any under eye smudging. Q tips can also be used to apply concealer for any touch-ups; the use of Q tips help to prevent the spread of any bacteria that may have accumulated on your hands throughout the day.

A nail file is another must. When having fun in the sun you can easily catch or break a nail and if you don't have a nail file you might be left feeling uncomfortable all day.

To stay feeling fresh, especially if you’re at the beach or poolside, a face spray is perfect. The Vitamin C Energizing Face Spritz from the Body Shop will not only leave your skin feeling cool and awakened, and is also perfect for holding your makeup in place, and it smells amazing.

Remember that summer 2013 is all about the bright and the bold, so keep some colourful lip gloss at hand, and before you leave the house, go wild with colour on your fingernails and toenails, maybe even try painting four fingers one colour and your ring finger a different shade!

Victoria is a make-up guru who writes for SpaceNK.

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