June 14, 2013

Best Beauty and Fashion Tips to Hide Weight Gain

It happens to the best of us.  We gain a few extra pounds and our entire outlook changes.  We feel fat and frumpy – and we don’t want anyone to notice.

Fortunately, there are some simple ways to hide the weight gain until you are able to shed those pounds. 

  • Buy clothes that fit.  Trying to fit your larger body into your small-body clothes is asking for a disaster – and a lot of emotional distress.  Just buy bigger clothes.  It isn’t as heartbreaking as it sounds.  Size is just a number and looking fantastic can happen at any size. You might find a fabulous top that is even better than your former favorite.
  • Don’t go too big.  Clothes that are too big are just as bad – or worse – than clothes that are too small.  If you buy big, frumpy clothes you will look big and frumpy too.
  • Always try your clothes on before buying them.  Obviously, your weight is fluctuating so your size could change from shopping trip to shopping trip.  Also, all manufacturers cut and size their clothes differently.  Don’t assume the size of one brand will match another.
  • Focus on the good things.  If you spend all your time in front of the mirror dwelling on your growing midsection – and how to hide it – you’ll forget about all the good things you have going on.  Instead of focusing on the negative, look for ways to accentuate the positive.
  • Don’t be afraid of color.  True, dark colors like black and blue tend to have a slimming effect.  However, things will get dull fast if you are limiting yourself to such drab colors.  Don’t be afraid to try something different.  If you do mix and match colors, try to get the darkest color on the area that has experienced the most weight gain.  For example, if your extra pounds have accumulated on your thighs, wear black pants.  If your midsection has expanded, don a darker shirt.
  • Don’t forget the accessories.  Big, bold accessories will make you look smaller.  Plus, they can help draw attention to your best features.
  • Choose your tops wisely.  If you have gained weight on the top half of your body, choose your tops with care.  A V-neck or scoop neck will draw attention to your face.  Also, go for a fitted, single breasted jacket.  Lastly, make sure your top falls just below your waist (and you probably don’t want to tuck it in).
  • Choose your bottoms wisely.  If you have gained weight on the lower half of your body, avoid pleats.  Instead, try an A-line skirt that comes to about your knees.
  • Be picky about patterns.  In general, solid colors hide weight better than patterns.  However, vertical stripes are always better than horizontal ones.
  • Go vertical.  Add some volume to your hair around the crown.  The extra height will make your face look more narrow and skinny.
  • Get bangs.  Long, side-swept bangs that cut across your face hide undesirable features while drawing attention to the good ones.  This style will reduce the fullness of the face and make everything look skinnier.
  • Fight the double chin.  Add a bit of contour powder under your chin.  This will create a nice visual effect.
Unwanted weight gain is a drag.  However, it doesn’t mean you need to lock yourself in your house and hide away from the public.  It just means you need to get creative with your styling efforts.  By changing your wardrobe a bit and adding new beauty trends, you can easily mask the extra pounds.

Martha Delgado is a health and beauty writer.  She took up the pen after her own experience with weight gain.  After trying a variety of different diets, she finally settled on using vitamin B12 injections.  After reaching her weight loss goal, Martha went online to help other people.  Now, she shares her insight about B12 injections for weight loss on various health blogs.

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  1. Radhika3:22 PM

    Try wearing accessories, like hats, gloves, earrings, and things like this. This helps to take the focus away from any weight that you have gained.

  2. Wearing high heels can help make you feel better about yourself, and give your legs a long look, distracting people from your weight

  3. Anonymous3:31 PM

    One fun way to make your legs appear smaller is to match the colour of your shoes to your tights as it will make your legs appear taller and slimmer. If you are not wearing tights then invest in some nude coloured shoes to have the same effect.

  4. Rashmi3:33 PM

    Applying some fake tan to your wobbly bits will give the illusion of looking thinner. Dark co lours absorb the light, which can make something appear smaller. So giving the skin a darker tone will have the same effect.

  5. Fashion Expert3:34 PM

    Grab a blusher brush and sweep yourself slimmer. Bronzer creates the illusion that you are thinner as dark colours make areas recede. So use bronzer below your cheekbones, along the jaw line and under the chin to slim down your face.


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