A tip for painful periods

I’ve never suffered from painful periods. Except for a little discomfort and slight abdominal pain on the first day, the rest of the days are absolutely fuss-free and I sometimes even forget that I am having a period. But I can understand the torment of some girls who go through this misery each month. I’ve seen them suffer great agonies, sometimes even rolling on the bed with excruciating cramps and severe abdominal pain. For that purpose I’ve compiled a post with effective home-remedies to relieve their symptoms and make life easy for them.

Just the other day, I came across a tip from a Yoga book written by Maureen Lockhart and couldn’t resist posting about it! If you are a vegetarian, then you are already following this piece of advice. This tip is specially for non-vegetarian, meat eaters.

In Maureen’s words:

Though I advocate vegetarianism, giving up meat suddenly if you are used to it is not advisable. For if you deny yourself something you are used to, you will only increase your desire for it. It is better to try to eat less and let your body decide when even less is too much. When you don’t want to eat something you won’t eat it and you won’t miss it.

However there times when not eating meat is a positive advantage, especially during the menstrual cycle. Girls who suffer from heavy, painful periods will find themselves much less sluggish and free from headaches, backaches and cramps if they stop eating meat for a few days before and during a period. Get your protein from nuts, mushrooms and lentils instead. Eat lots of green vegetables for iron, especially if you are prone to anemia, and your circulation will improve, eliminating toxins more efficiently and cutting down on body odour.

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Stop eating meat during those days and eat more of green veggies.

So if you are having the issue of heavy, painful menstruation, along with other home-remedies stop eating meat in those days and see if it helps you! Giving up meat for a few days isn’t such a big deal when you have you been combating the problem for years. A change in diet is sure to bring in positive results!

P.S: During menses, there is a surge in the hormone prostaglandin which is believed to contract the muscles of the uterus and shed its lining. Apparently, in women that experience painful menstruation, there is an excess production of this hormone which results in severe pains and cramps. And foods such as meat,  dairy products, shell fish, eggs, vegetable oils, hydrogenated oils,  peanut products, processed and refined food are found to break down into inflammatory prostaglandins that worsen the situation. So avoiding these foods may prove beneficial. 

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  1. Nisha3:38 PM

    to ease heavy painful periods try.

    - Cinnamon Foods
    - Camomile (Herbal teas, etc)
    - Exercising
    - Eating less sugary foods.

  2. Meena3:40 PM

    Heat packs or Hot water bottles, or epsom salt bath is very helpful. About 10 minute intervals for the heat or hot water bottles..

  3. Devika7:40 PM

    Exercising will help in painful periods...plus have warm showers


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