Antique Silver Earrings Designs that Will Mesmerize Your Lady

Buying the perfect gift for the woman you love may not be as easy as you think, especially when you’re celebrating your anniversary. Most of the men in search for gifts for their soul mates are experiencing difficulties, since they don’t usually pay attention to the jewelry worn by their wives. Women are enthusiastic about receiving gifts, especially when it comes to perfumes, and jewels.

If you’re planning to offer the perfect gift to your wife, this article will definitely come in handy, as it describes several types of antique silver earrings designed to impress every woman. First of all, silver is a symbol of elegance and femininity that can suit all types of skin tones, hairstyles and outfits. Antique Silver Earrings can be both elegant and casual, and the best part is that they are available under so many shapes that you will certainly find something perfect for your lady.

Antique silver earrings will never go out of style, and they can be matched with all the possible outfits you can think of. An elegant dress will match perfectly with a pair of diamond filigree dangling earrings shaped as teardrops, while a pair of small drop earrings designed in the Bohemian Garnet Victorian style can be matched even with a more casual outfit.

When it comes to antique silver dangling earrings, there are a wide range of options you can choose from. They can be shaped as tears, leaves, geometric shapes, flowers, stars or even circles.  However, the beauty of these earrings is provided also by the addition of several rocks such as diamonds, topaz, crystals, garnet or even almandine.

Just imagine how elegant your lady will look when wearing a pair of flower earrings provided with little diamonds. This is indeed a way of thanking her for her unlimited love and support. Antique silver earrings are the best way of proving your love, and a great choice for women who enjoy wearing different jewels every day. Most earrings are inspired from the Victorian period and are designed using garnet. These earrings are perfect for elegant outfits, guaranteeing that everyone will be mesmerized by their appearance.
Circle-shaped earrings are the right choice for independent women who pay a lot of attention to their careers, while they can also represent the circle of your love. If you let your imagination run wild, every pair of earrings can have a romantic meaning. Antique silver earrings have a unique design which guarantees that your lady will feel special every time she wears them. After all, the whole point in buying your soul mate a gift is to make her feel special.

Some exquisite antique earrings models can even picture two little angels playing the harp, butterflies, or small birds such as owls.  When you’re looking for antique silver earrings for your wife, you are advised to pay attention to smaller designs, as the long dangling ones are designed mostly for young ladies. Elegance is achieved by wearing small earrings, designed in a unique way so that they mesmerize the people around through their beauty rather than through their length.

Antique silver earrings shaped as peacock feather will definitely charm your lady, especially if they’re provided with a turquoise element in the middle. Antique models can even be shaped as coins or trees of life, so there is definitely a wide range of options to choose from.

Age is not important when it comes to antique silver earrings. They are perfect not only for mature women and for both their casual and elegant outfits, but also for young ladies who haven’t established their personal style yet. Your wife will be mesmerized by any of the designs described above, especially since these earrings are a gift from their soul mates.

If you want to make sure that your gift will be a success, you are advised to do some research before deciding on the perfect antique silver earrings. Taking a look at the jewelry owned by your wife is enough to figure out what their favorite models and shapes are. Besides, you’ll know what not to buy, since the last thing you need is to offer her as a gift a pair of earrings similar to what she already has.

Written by Jason

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