Fashion That Protects The Skin

As we step out into the sun this summer it is important to think of our skin. These days there is really no excuse for falling victim to skin damage as everyone is well versed in the dangers of too much exposure to UV rays. 

In addition to slapping on the sunblock it is possible to use clothing to help you look great while protecting your skin.

Why You Need To Protect Your Skin

Let's start with a brief reminder of why you need to think carefully about protecting your skin from the sun.
  • The majority of skin cancers are caused by sun damage that occurs before the age of 20.
  • Melanoma is the most common form of cancer in young adults and it is often deadly.
  • Any visible tan indicates sun damage, the darker it is the more damage has been done.
  • In addition to damaging the skin, the sun can also cause various eye problems including cataracts.
  • It is estimated that in many cases, fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes are caused by sun damage and could have been prevented.


How To Protect Yourself In Style

In addition to using appropriate sunscreen year round (that's right – winter sun is just as dangerous), it is advisable to keep your skin covered especially in peak times (10am to 4pm). 

However, that does not mean having to sacrifice your style. There are plenty of high fashion ways to protect yourself. Let's look at some of the top items of protective fashion.

 Hats The Way To Do It

One of the key essentials for the Summer months is a really great hat. In order to be effective, a sun hat needs to have a wide brim (approx 3 inches) that will offer shade for your face and neck. 

The hat is also going to protect your scalp where most melanomas begin. In terms of trends, the slightly floppy, wide brimmed straw hat is something of a classic which will never really go out of style.


Don't Forget About Your Eyes

As mentioned previously, sun damage can wreak havoc on your eyes. That is why sunglasses are so much more than a fashion accessory. Choose good quality sunglasses that have a high SPF rating. 

This season the big trend in sunglasses is fun frames. Keep the current trends in mind and pick out striped or animal print sunglasses.

Covering Up On The Beach

It is important to have something to cover up your bikini. Sarongs are fiddly and not really in style any more, but there are plenty of other choices. 

Oversized clothing is right on trend at the moment so think about loose drawstring pants and flowing shirts or a maxi dress. Remember animal print, monochrome, bold stripes and florals are all hot right now.

If you are particularly concerned about beachwear then you may even wish to check out Mott50 a range of stylish clothing designed to offer SPF50 protection.

Everyday Coverups

When not on the beach you still need to think about covering up which still staying cool. This season's resort collections are full of sheer fabrics and loose fitting clothes that will help to protect your skin without overheating!

The sexiest accessory this summer is certainly your sunblock.

Your skin is important and it is time that you took care of it. Not only is skin cancer a very real risk, but sun damage also causes premature aging. 

The sexiest accessory this summer is certainly your sunblock, but you can also accessorize it with these trendy ways to cover up. If you really cannot live without a tan then hot the bottle and fake it!

George Papas works in clothing wholesale. He writes for as well as several shopping and fashion blogs. George always has one eye on the latest trends.

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