Bring Out Your Natural Beauty in Five Simple Steps

Nobody deserves to comment on your own body except you, so remember: all your makeup and beauty routines are for you! If you start with this premise, bringing out your natural beauty is easy. Everyone is beautiful, and learning what makes you beautiful might be a slow process, but will leave you much happier for it.

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Being beautiful isn't just about wearing whatever's in season or trying to fit into the box people call “beautiful” instead of “cute” or any other label. Being beautiful involves so much more! There's absolutely nothing wrong with striking eyeshadow, false lashes, or bold lipstick for a night out or to make yourself feel good, but if you find yourself feeling down, something's out of balance. Here are five steps to help you learn to be confident with or without makeup.

Learn to be confident with or without makeup.
Many of us get used to putting on makeup before going out even to the grocery store. If you can learn to be confident whether you're bare-faced or not, you'll be ahead of the game. If you have been wearing makeup since you were a teen or before, like many women, you might start slowly. Don't put on your makeup before you go to Starbucks for coffee or IHOP for breakfast on Saturday morning. Even if you're just going around the house without makeup on when you're used to having it on from dawn until dusk, it will help you learn how to be yourself with or without makeup.


Keep your skin healthy and you won't have to cover it up.
Some people are cursed with bad skin, but try your best to keep your skin healthy. Wear sunscreen whether you have light or dark skin, as people of all skin tones and ages are at risk for ailments from UV rays. Drink lots of water, eat healthy foods without sugars and added fats and salts, wear sunscreen each day, and give your skin a break from the constant makeup and you may find your skin clears up.

Use a simple routine each day.
Getting too elaborate with your makeup routine can become frustrating. Instead, use a simple combination of makeup elements in order to create an easy daily look that doesn't overwhelm your natural beauty. Learn what your best features are - clear skin, a cute nose, deep eyes, you name it - and design your makeup routine around it.

Exfoliate a few times each week.
If your skin gets dried out or flaky by the end of the week, you probably need to exfoliate. A consistent exfoliation routine can even stop you from breaking out. A nice facial scrub a few times a week can eliminate the need for products that artificially make you glow. Besides, wouldn't you rather be glowing from happiness at being with your friends or achieving something meaningful to you rather than be stuck in a bathroom for hours each morning?

Make your beauty your own.
Some people prefer to go for a knockout, dramatic look every day. Others find they don't even like putting on makeup. If you're shy about wearing glasses, don't feel the need to get “minimal frames” to blend in - instead, try contact lenses from the website or another supplier. Experiment with different elements of your look to learn what makes you feel happy and confident in your own skin.

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Being beautiful isn't just about having as much makeup as you can put on your face while still looking natural. It's about learning what your naturally beautiful features are and enhancing them with well-chosen makeup and beauty routines. Nobody gets to decide what makes you “look good” or feel good aside from you!

Chelsea Miller enjoys sharing her beauty and eye care tips online. She has extensive experience as an optical technician.

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  1. Urmila4:40 PM

    Natural beauty is and it can include beauty inside that radiates to the outside through a smile, positive attitude, etc.

  2. Geeta4:45 PM

    Eat very healthy, completely give up alcohol, take up the practice of regular exercise, meditate and purify your mind and heart and dress in a modest but aesthetically pleasing manner.


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