What causes Eyelid Twitching?

Eyelid twitching All of us have experienced eyelid twitching from time to time. For women, if the left eyelid twitches continuously for more than 3 times, it's supposed to be a good omen whereas right eyelid twitching is a bad omen. For men, it's vice versa. But what if both the eyelids start twitching simultaneously? Fortunately or unfortunately nobody knows for sure what this omen indicates! Superstitious notions aside, let's find out what causes the eyelids to twitch sometimes.

Eye Twitching happens when the eyelid twitches or flutters involuntarily. It can occur under the eye and or it can happen in either the right or left eye. In simple words, eye twitching is a blinking disorder. If eyelid twitching occurs in both your eyes then you have what is known as blepharospasm and it could be a sign of a more serious problem and could signify a neurological disorder. However, if you have a right eye twitch or left eye twitch then you could have a hemifacial spasm which is usually less serious, but you cannot rule out other complications such as tumours.

There are numerous possible causes and they are usually so vague that it's hard to really determine which one is at fault. However, many eye experts suspect that eye fatigue and general stress contribute to twitching. Periodically relaxing your eyes by focusing into the distance for a few seconds when using a computer or reading can help prevent fluttering. Some simple eye twitches are probably similar to the twitches that you experience sometimes in your legs and arms. So these could also be due to muscle fatigue and electrolyte imbalances. Make sure you are well hydrated and have adequate magnesium, potassium, calcium, and vitamin D in your diet.  Some healthy food to add to counteract nutritional deficiency are bananas, raisins, apricots, and leafy green vegetables like spinach and mint. Just as gentle stretching helps leg muscle spasms/cramps, applying a warm compress or massaging the eyes when they twitch can also help. You might try the eye equivalent of gentle stretching by slowly closing your eye, pause briefly, then open it slightly larger than normal and pause for a second. Try doing ten repetitions ten time per day. Also consume less caffeine, which can make the muscles jittery.

However if  twitching persists beyond three or four weeks, see an ophthalmologist; it could stem from squinting to compensate for poor vision or even signal a neurological problem. Twitching (usually blepharospasm) that worsens may require mild tranquillizers or shots of botulinum toxin (Botox). Some limited studies have also shown that complimentary alternative medicine such as acupuncture may be useful in certain patients.

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  1. Anonymous8:32 AM

    If you experience frequent eye twitching, increase your sleeping hours. Sleeping for a few more hours than usual will provide your eyes with the required rest.

  2. Gourav8:35 AM

    Stress can cause the muscles in the eyelids to twitch.

  3. unknown8:39 AM

    Those who look at a computer screen or watch television on a regular basis sometimes suffer from episodes of eyelid spasms, so cut back on activities that strain the eyes when suffering from this aggravating problem.

  4. Dr Madhu8:40 AM

    Avoid rubbing your eyes vigorously as this can lead to eye twitching and eye injuries.

  5. Yogish8:41 AM

    Slice a thin piece of potato or cucumber and place it on the eyes. Their cooling effect helps in relaxing the eye muscles and provides eyelid twitching relief.

  6. Anonymous8:43 AM

    Reduce the intake of tea, coffee and alcohol. These can increase the problem of eye twitching and lead to the development of other complications for the eyes.
    Practice eye care exercises, like concentrating on a distant object, gently rubbing your eyes in an anti-clockwise and clockwise direction, and closing and opening of the eyelids in slow motion.

  7. unknown8:48 AM

    # Practice lid hygiene- Twice a day; apply a washcloth with very warm water to your lids for approximately 4 minutes. Then gently rub your lashes and eyelids, horizontally, with the washcloth. This technique not only provides soothing and cleansing to the area but also provides traction which has been shown to relieve 22% of patients with eye twitch.

  8. Manda8:16 AM

    Thanks a lot for this great informative website.

  9. Nandini9:14 AM

    Fabulous stuff. I had bookmarked your blog/site over a year ago and visit it once a week to try out yourtips which are interesting and turn out super!

  10. You fail to mention that eye twitching can be a symptom of serious illness such as Lyme disease, and many viruses. Just to inform.

  11. Bhumika8:43 AM

    It is caused by stress. you can use any cool feeling vegetable, cucumber works as welL

  12. Ramya8:44 AM

    eyelid twitching comes as a result of fatigue and stress. It is super annoying when it happens. I hope yours goes away soon.

  13. Anonymous3:57 AM

    Thanks a lot for dis useful information


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