Style Tips:Avoid too many accessories

Wearing practically all one's accessories in one go - earrings, bangles, necklaces, pendants, rings, belts, scarves, anklets, you name it is a strict no-no. Maintain a balance with your accessories. Wear pieces that will enhance your look, not overwhelm it. It's better to wear a key piece that stands out rather than smothering it with several other pieces.
Style tip-Avoid too many accessories  
Avoid too many accessories
(Contributed by Dhanya)

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  1. Anonymous9:12 AM

    -NEVER use a hair brush. Only a wide tooth comb when your hair is wet, preferably in the shower when your hair has conditioner in it. - Don't use products with silicones in them (i.e., Garnier, Pantene, Tresseme, Aussie, Redken...) - Really, is the best place. Go to curl talk- it is so great.

  2. Anonymous9:14 AM

    loose, boyfriend-style t-shirts are great! I have several and you can wear them so many different ways for a unique, funky style. With leggings and boots, jeans, scarves, necklaces, layered under sweaters or over tanks... I love them! you can get them at urban outfitters, Nordstrom, or the Gap, and I even buy them in a size or two larger depending on the shirt. Like I mentioned before, leggings, boots, and scarves are my staples that can be mixed and matched anyway for that miley/demi funky, easy, urban, bohemian kind of look. Lucky Brand and forever 21 are great stores for this. If you want some specific items, a denim button-down shirt, boyfriend jeans, a "grandfather" cardigan, and good brown leather belt you will wear over and over again in so many different ways! Depending on your style (more girle, simple, punk...) all of these items can be found and created into outfits that fit the style your going for, but also your own personal taste as well.

  3. Anonymous9:35 AM

    Wear Black it makes boobs look bigger


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