Fix a Botched Self Tan and avoid these Self-tanners

woman ready to apply a self-tannerIf your fake tan with a self tanner has turned out less than perfect, getting rid of it altogether with a self-tan remover or other methods might seem like a good idea.  However Dr Schultz has a better suggestion. He doesn't quite advocate the use of physical exfoliants such as scrubs or  microdermabrasion to rectify it as they are more difficult to use evenly. He says that whether your tan has become streaky, uneven or just too dark, daily exfoliation with a chemical exfoliant (glycolic is best) will do the trick. And if you are already using a chemical exfoliant regularly, he suggests that for a few days you should consider using it twice a day or using a stronger strength formula once daily. However, a better option is to get it fixed at the doctor's office.

worst self tanners Talking of self-tanners, go through this Total Beauty's list of 9 Low-Rated Self-Tanners and Sunscreens.Total Beauty readers give an absolute thumbs-down to these summer skin care products. If you want to look like Casper after applying sunscreen or dig a streaky, orange tan, then choose from this list of the worst sunscreens and self-tanners, the article says. Some of the worst ones are: Too Faced Tanning Bed In A Tube, $22.50, Burt's Bees Chemical-Free Sunscreen SPF 15, $9.99, & Sally Hansen Airbrush Sun Especially for Body, $7.42. See more such products.

By the way these 9 self-tanning lotions and potions get a Total Beauty Readers' tanned thumbs up. Some of best self-tanning products are Aveeno Continuous Radiance Moisturizing Lotion, $11.99, Bath & Body Works True Blue Spa Shade to Order, $18.50 & L'Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Any Angle Self-Tanning Spray, $9.99. See more such products. And for a lowdown on tanning, read these tips and tricks from the pros on how to master a sun-kissed-looking glow and you will never botch up a faux tan ever again.

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  1. Anonymous8:50 AM

    Tan from the bottle comes in the form of cream/mousse/gel/spray etc

    I prefer the fast drying mousse, I apply it all over the body, let it dry and sleep with it overnight. Depending on the brand, some of them smell stronger of shoe cream than others during the night but a good shower in the morning should deal with the problem. Before applying it you will have to follow the instructions, like body exfoliating, not using it on hairs etc. You might need to re-apply it if the first time left some lines/marks, but hey this is happening to everyone.

    Bottom line, is much safer than staying in the sun or using the sun beds. Good luck.

  2. unknown8:51 AM

    Exfoliating takes off dead skin cells which live on top of the skin. When you exfoliate, you are helping the skin renew itself. So basically, YES, you are peeling off the top layer (which is tan) and revealing newer (paler) skin underneath. I would stop exfoliating. OR you could mix liquid bronzer in with your facial moisturizer in the morning, which will give you a nice glow and then dust powder bronzer over your face.


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