Long hair more attractive?

You might find short hair fun and easy to maintain, but for men, beauty is still defined by long, wavy locks. Research, experiments, observations and polls have markedly demonstrated that a woman's hair plays an important role in how men rate a woman's attractiveness. 

Why do men prefer long hair on women?
There's just something about long flowing curly or wavy hair that men consider incredibly attractive. Like a reminiscence of the paintings of the Victorian era, women with long dresses and beautiful hair are considered very alluring. According to evolutionary theory, the quality and length of hair serves as a marker of genetic strength and overall health. Several studies have repeatedly shown that men find women with medium-length to long hair more attractive and sexy than shorter haired counterparts.

image Furthermore, men also rate longer haired women as healthier and fitter than shorter haired women. In one study, researchers found that women who had originally been rated by a test group as being less attractive were rated far more highly when shown with a longer hairstyle. The experimenters concluded that longer hairstyles increase women's attractiveness in part because longer hair helps to disguise less desirable features. Long hair also tends to make the jaw line slimmer and less prominent and draws attention away from undefined cheekbones. Men, thus  equate long hair with being very feminine and youthful.

In a poll, conducted by the Daily Mail on 3,000 men,  43% of them preferred long hair. The celebrities that they thought had sexy hair: Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez and Gwyneth Paltrow. 80 percent of the men said they definitely notice if a woman changes her hair, while 18 percent said they rarely notice when a woman changes her hair. They also indicated that they like shiny, touchable hair without a lot of styling products. They would also like to run their fingers through it. Not all men are impressed by shorter hairstyles though, and many men report preferring short hair to long hair.

Short hair that is healthy and lustrous is any day better than having long hair that is damaged, shabby and unkempt. Whatever the length, maintaining your hair's healthy appearance should be given the topmost priority. Also, it's really a matter of what looks good on a person.  In fact, long hair doesn't look good on everyone. Some women have features that go along with short pixie styles; do check out these Celebrities' Super Short Hairstyles or these 10 Best Celebrity Bob Hairstyles that make cropped hair look gorgeous and tempting.

To conclude, you should embrace whatever looks you love and make you happy . And go with what looks good on you, not what anyone else says you should wear or what looks good on your favorite celebrity or a look influenced by the results of any random poll. Now coming back to the topic or long versus short hair, it's a fact that healthy, lustrous and bouncy hair complements your overall appearance. So whether it be long or short, you should wear it in a stylish and flattering manner. Ultimately, what's more important anyway is looking your very best!
(Guest Post by Smitha) 

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  1. Anonymous9:47 AM

    As long as the hair style looks good on you, men like it. Some girls look too butch when they have short hair. You can go through any hair styling magazine and pick a face, shaped similar to yours and see what kind of hair she has and does it look good. You can be an expert soon choosing styles that will make you look hot.

  2. Nimish9:48 AM

    I like long hair short hair weirds me out

  3. long hair for sure and you can do so many different looks with it

  4. Aravind9:49 AM

    I love the girls with really long hair . i mean way past your shoulders and approaching your hips. the longer the better

  5. unknown9:50 AM

    I think long hairs are probably considered cuter by the general populace - the short hair chihuahua look isn't for everyone, so it may be that long hairs get more attention and therefore end up better socialized. But I don't think it is a personality trait inherent to the coat length....

  6. Anonymous9:53 AM

    I think it depends- some girls' short hairstyles can look really cute , taking into consideration the girl's face shape, facial features, personal style, etc

  7. unknown9:56 AM

    Sometimes its not the length of the hair, but the authority you speak with. If you have short hair, people (yourself included) feel that person is more confident, professional, and knowledgabe. Since you feel the same way, when your hair is short, you try to sound more assertive.

  8. Sunita8:18 AM

    Fantastic post!!

  9. For longer hair massage ur hair with AWLA oil which will makes ur hair longer , black and beautiful

  10. Pooja9:27 AM

    There's a simple way to have long & beautiful hair.
    First is to keep your hair as natural as they are.(No coloring , dyes etc.) Be gentle with your hair, avoid exessive use of blow dryer. Have regular triming, massage them with olive or coconut oil twice a week. Use a shampoo that suits your hair. Dove is the best in my opinion. Drink a lot of water & have green vegetables. Take care of your hair.


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